5 Tips To Picking A POS System For Your Winery

by - 6/08/2018 08:42:00 PM


A point of sale is essential for your winery just as it is for any other business. With a POS, you are assured of smooth running of the operations, may it be recording sales information, producing automatic reports or in tracking customers information. However, the market is flooded with many POS systems such that it can be daunting to choose the one for your winery.

To make it easier, here are points you can use to pick a POS system for your winery.

1. Assess your needs
The various POS systems in the market have different features. That is why it is necessary for you to assess your needs so you can know the kind of features you may need. Consider the size of your winery and the objectives you want to achieve.

Do you want the software alone or you want a complete POS system? Should it be cloud-based? Does it automate tasks? Do you want to have a loyalty program for your customers?
Remember that some of the great POS can merge your retail market with the online store, manage reservations, manage the wine club, manage customers and have inventory management. Therefore, ensure you get the best POS system based on your needs.

2. Simple interface and easy to use
The best POS system should have a simple interface that is easy to maneuver. You and your customers should not spend a lot of time trying to find a particular feature or to figure out a particular technical issue. Your customers and employees should also use it easily and fast. It should be easy to learn and to teach to your staff.

If possible, get a POS system that can allow you to customize the menu to your taste so you can use it easily.

3. A POS system should have many payment options
Pick a POS system that gives customers various payment options may it be cash, credit card or payment using third parties. You don’t want to turn away customers simply because they don’t have cash or a credit card.

4. Pick POS that uses the latest technology
A POS with the latest technology has many benefits. For instance, a cloud-based pos is accessible from anywhere, which makes it convenient to use. You and your customers can access information from anywhere, whether you are checking inventory or a customer is making a booking.

If you can get a tablet or iPad pos, the better. This way, your employees can access the paying customers using the mobile devices, therefore making service quick and efficient.

5. Factor in the security
A POS system has a lot of information such as the payment details of your customers, orders, inventory, and cash balances. Pick a winery pos system that has security features that allows you to provide security permissions to the users. Some tasks such as modifying orders, issuing refunds, giving discounts should only be carried out by specific trustworthy employees.

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