Real Estate Tips You Need To Know

by - 6/14/2018 05:56:00 PM

If you are thinking of selling your home in the next few months, there are some things you will want to know to help to make that ideal sale. As a seller, you will always want to get the best price possible for your home, as this will allow you to but the house of your dreams next time around. Here are some great tips to help you ensure that you sell your home in good time and for the right price. 
When you are dealing in commercial real estate you need to think about how your home is presented to anyone who comes to look around. One of the things you might not think about is ensuring that the home smells great when people come to view it. Avoid artificial smelling air fresheners for this because it can put people off, but you can make your home smells amazing in other more subtle ways. Keep a scented candle lit in the living room for a soft aroma throughout the home. Think about baking some cookies an hour before people arrive and let the smell permeate for a homely atmosphere. Make the home smell like a home and you will draw people in. 
Tidy up, but not too much
Before people come to your house to view it, you will likely want to clean the house from top to bottom, clear every inch of the mess away and make it feel like a brand new showhome. Where it is essential to clean your home, make sure you don’t get rid of its personality. If you have cushions on the sofas leave them there. If you have a coat hanging on the door, let it hang. Make sure that your home still looks like a working home because this will help buyers to imagine living here. 
Be open to offers
When you are selling your home it is tempting to discount anything which is lower than your market price, however, sometimes this can scupper your chances of a sale. Don’t be offended by a low offer initially. This is likely because a person can not afford the full price or they want to haggle with you. Reject the offer and try to get them to pay little by little until they end up back at your price or close to it. You are more likely to get a sale out of a haggling match than you are to get a brand new offer. 
Fix issues 
Before you sell a home you need to make sure that you don’t have any major structural issues in your home or outside. Take the time to look at your home and fix as many issues as you can before putting your home on the market. If you don’t do this, you might be scuppered in your sale by the Home buyers report at the mortgage stage. This will set you back by months as you try to rectify any major issues. Play it safe and fix things before you try to sell.

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