Picking up the Right Eye-Glasses is a way of Life

by - 6/03/2018 10:06:00 PM

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Features are the most prominent thing people notice after a physical appearance. After features, people look towards the accessories one carries. As we all know, ‘The first impression is the last impression’. Thus, the selection of the eye-glasses is always a big question because it reflects the personality of a person. If we failed to choose the right glasses according to the face, it can ruin the whole appearance and might lead to having a negative impression on others.


Following points should be considered whilst selecting the glasses:

There is a wide range of eyeglasses available in the market to choose from. From cat-eye, wayfarer, aviator, cute glasses frames and a lot more of frame styles to pick. Besides the style, you also have to consider if it is for glasses frames for women, men, adults, and kids. 

There is no such rule of thumb to follow for the selection. But, there are some tips which allow you to pick the best one that suits your face.

Face Shape:
Considering the face shape plays a vital role in picking up the best eye-glasses as it makes you look elegant and beautiful. Let’s have a look on various shapes of faces and the frames that go along with it.

•    Oval Face:
The oval shape face is like an egg, have wider cheekbones whereas the angle of forehead and jaw is narrow.
It is suggested to choose small and medium-sized frame having Rectangle, Oval, Square and Round eye-glasses frame.

•    Round Face:
A round face is like a ball, wider cheekbones. Forehead and jaw.
It is recommended to pick among Rectangular, Square and Wayfarer shapes.

•    Heart Shape:
Heart-shape is like an upside-down pyramid. It has a wide forehead followed by the narrow chin.
It is suggested to pick oval or round shaped frames as it enhances the overall shape of the face.

•    Diamond Shape:
This shape has s slight narrow chin and forehead along with wider cheekbones.
The best frames that compliments diamond shaped faces is Oval and Cat-eyes.

•    Square Face:
 It has equally wide cheekbone, chin, and forehead.
The frames which suit the best are Oval, Rectangle, and Wayfarer.

Choosing a perfect eye-glasses is as important as selecting an outfit for yourself. If you have bought an expensive outfit for a particular occasion but did not give attention to the matching eye-glasses, it will suppress the over-all look of your personality. It is recommended to choose among the wide range of glasses as per the requirement of a face shape and an occasion. Good thing you can find the best eyeglasses only at Zeelool Prescription Eyeglasses Frames Online. They have a current promo when you register on their website and get the $3 coupon for your first order. Use Code: NEW3

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