6 Draining and Demanding Careers That Will be Worth it in the End

by - 6/06/2018 12:23:00 AM

You have been a dedicated and highly motivated person throughout your entire life. Even as a kid you always prided yourself on getting the best grades in your class. Now that you’ve become an adult you have discovered how important it is to progress in your career. You have high hopes for the future and want to work hard to get there. Although your end path isn’t quite clear yet, you have several jobs in mind that you might consider pursuing one day. You are hoping to explore your options and be realistic about the pitfalls you may face when embarking on these types of careers. You understand how draining and demanding some of these jobs might be, but you’re willing to give everything your best shot and discover what you want to do with your future. Here are six tiresome, but rewarding careers that you should consider.
1. Social Work
Being a social worker is an extremely demanding job, both emotionally and physically. You will be exhausted after dealing with several serious cases in a row. Make sure you are aware of the social work burnout risks, which means you eventually become inoperative. In order to be a successful social worker you need to be able to take care of yourself too. You will soon see the rewarding side of everything and you will be inspired by the amazing people you work with.
2. Doctor
Being a doctor, you will understand how stressful this job can get. It is a hugely pressurizing role that demands utter concentration and dedication through all hours of the day. You will need to be on call at all times of the day, depending on how high up you are in the rankings. You will be put under stressful situations that will be completely different every single day. No day at work will ever be the same, so you can never predict what is going to happen. You will need to have thick skin and be mentally prepared for the challenges.

3. Teacher
You might not think that being a teacher is a hugely stressful job, but you would be surprised about the pressure school teachers are facing at the moment. You can’t just clock out at the end of the day and forget about your work; you have to bring it home with you every single day. Although they get long summer holidays, they also carry out a tonne of work when they aren’t required to. Teachers are under a lot of stress, so make sure you are prepared for the mental strain if you choose to embark on this career.

4. Journalist
Being a journalist is a gruelling and tiring job that requires you to work around the clock. Most journalists are shift workers, so you won’t get the luxury of a stable 9-5 job if this is your chosen path. As exciting as this job sounds, it is a lot tougher than you might think. You will have to cover sensitive topics and see things you will probably want to erase from your memory. If you have a tough skin and are hard-working, being a journalist might just suit you; make sure you are prepared for long and unpredictable hours.

5. Emergency Services
Whether you are a police officer, an ambulance driver, a paramedic or an A&E nurse, you will have a lot resting on your shoulders if you take this career path. You will be put in risky environments that might involve blood, gore and violence. You have to be physically fit and mentally strong to take on a job in the emergency services.
6. Business Owner
Being a business owner can be one of the most overwhelming and time consuming career paths you could ever take. You will have to work long hours; even though you have nobody to answer to you will need to work your socks off in order to become successful.
You have the fire inside of you to make your career the best it can possibly be. With a little time, patience and persistence you will get there in the end. Explore all of the avenues that are open to you and never regret the decisions you make. Your future is looking incredibly bright, so follow the career path that speaks to you personally. If you love what you do, you will see the benefits over the disadvantages. Whether you decide to become a social worker or happen to pursue journalism, just know that you have made the best choice for yourself.

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