4 Signs That It Is Time To Stop Drinking

by - 11/13/2018 06:49:00 PM

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Alcohol consumption is common the world over. In the United States, people drink on average 9.2 liters every year. This is against the recommended largest volume of 8.7 liters per year. What this means is that there is a problem with most alcohol consumers. They are drinking more than the allowed limit. Could you be one of the many people who should consider quitting alcohol? Do you have a friend or a relative who should quit alcohol? Alcoholism is a problem that affects society in general and all those who are hooked into this problem need help. Well, stopping drinking needs to be a decision that comes from the affected person. However, they should also be encouraged to quit where possible.

In this write-up, we shall discuss some of the telltale signs that one needs to quit alcohol. Here are 4 signs that it is time to stop drinking:

1. Making excuses to have a drink

People who struggle with alcoholism will always have an excuse for them to have more drinks. There are socially accepted hours of drinking. However, for a person suffering Alcohol Use Disorder, they will have more reasons to drink at any time of the day. They will drink on a daily basis and become quite hooked to the habit. When it reaches a point where one has to drink for them to feel “normal”, it is probably the right time to consider quitting alcohol.

2. You are building tolerance

When you become a regular consumer of alcohol, you will realize that you are building up a tolerance to the increased quantities of alcohol you consume. It may be taking you more alcohol for you to get the same effects you previously got on smaller quantities. There comes a time when one has to drink to face social stresses and social events. You may also need a drink for you to face people and events such as interviews. When this time comes, you need to consider quitting alcohol. You will need to quit drinking and consider other healthy methods of coping with the day to day life.

3. Your loved ones are very worried about you

You should not trust everyone in your life. Most of the people whom you share drinks with may never get worried about your wayward behaviors caused by alcohol. However, if your family is getting worried by your drinking habits, then it is time for you to quit alcohol. Probably you are coming home too late and you do not have time with the family. If your loved ones express concern of your drinking habits, then it is the right time to quit drinking.

4. You are getting into fights due to drinking

There are many conflicts that result from alcohol consumption. When you are high on alcohol, you are likely to get into conflicts with your drinking buddies or even with your loved ones once you are back home. If you feel that alcohol is compromising your relationships with your loved ones and friends, it is the right time for you to quit drinking.

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