4 Times Your Job Isn’t Worth The Trouble

by - 11/19/2018 09:40:00 PM

Your job often defines who you are. As a result, a lot of people take pride – rightly – in their performance. As your career often acts as an extension of your personality, being good at what you do always makes you feel good about yourself. It’s no wonder that individuals who are stuck in an unfulfilling position often develop a great sense of sadness and depression.
However, it doesn’t mean that your job should become your sole priority. Your career is a big part of your life, but it isn’t your life. Consequently, when your job affects your health and happiness in ways that are not related to your professional accomplishment, it’s time to ask yourself one crucial question: Is it worth the trouble?

When H&S protocols are a second thought
Health and safety need to be at the heart of your office environment. However, small businesses can sometimes fall behind their responsibilities when it comes to keeping their employees safe. From loose cables that could lead to tripping accidents to failure to maintain machinery equipment, occupational injuries in the Philippines affect over 50,000 workers per year with manufacturing accounting for almost 50% of all cases according to work injury compensation lawyers and the government. It’s important companies make H&S a priority in their processes, as the initial investment in auditing and training can save lives in the long term. A workplace that doesn’t put your safety first doesn’t deserve your skills.

When it affects your relationship
Work relocation can be stressful, especially if you have to move to a place you don’t know. But it can be even more troublesome if the relocation puts your relationship at risk. Indeed, if your partner can’t come with you, you might want to look for new options with local employers. It’s fair to say that the length and involvement of your relationship might define whether a move is a good or a bad idea – you can’t quit everything for a casual relationship. But putting your career before your love life can lead to depression and loneliness.

When badly-paced environments drain you
Working as part of a busy office can be motivating if the team knows how to work together. But sometimes colleagues can be the enemy of productivity and positivity. Indeed, co-workers can’t communicate their briefs clearly or are allowed to linger, you can find it tiresome to cope with their attitudes. Similarly, a disorganized structure can affect your performance by slowing you down. Ultimately, when the workplace lacks structure and guidance, negative behaviours appear and drag the performance down. The best course of action if you can’t make improvements is to quit for better.

When your boss is a bully
Bully bosses are more frequent than you think. They take pleasure in humiliating or intimidating their employees, creating destructive criticism and displaying their attacks publicly. When you are targeted by a bully, it’s essential to raise the issue with the HR team. However, in small companies, you might experience difficulties to reach a conclusion.

From bad bosses to poor workplace structure, sometimes quitting your job is the best decision you can make to preserve your sanity and happiness. Because, in the end, you matter more than your career.

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