Are Photobooks Still Relevant?

by - 11/30/2018 10:03:00 PM

Source: Pexels

Everything’s online now, am I right? From your favorite restaurant details down to your neighborhood convenience store, I’m sure everything is searchable now.

As they say, nothing stays hidden on the Internet for too long; nothing is also ever deleted - everything is stored in the all-knowing cloud.

But, let’s not dwell on that. I’m pretty certain you have used social media to stalk your crush.

Let’s be honest, it does not stop there. You also saved his picture in your phone’s photo gallery!

Don’t judge me, but yes, I speak from experience. This made me think - if pictures are all available online, are photo books still relevant today?

Now that all the images we can ever think of can be found on the internet, is it still important to keep physical copies? I’m not going to make you wonder anymore; my answer is a big fat yes!

I may be speaking from an old-fashioned sense, but I do truly believe that photobooks still hold an irreplaceable spot when it comes to preserving memories. Nothing beats getting to browse through piles and piles of photos while laughing your hearts out.

If you are a usual party or wedding attendee, you would know how people give little trinkets away as their token of appreciation for your attendance. From mugs to pillows, there are plenty of choices out there. I have recently had the pleasure to attend the baptism of my niece.

As a giveaway, we were given a photo booklet that contained photos of my niece and some same-day photos from the event. I think this token is very personal and well-thought of since you will only appreciate it if you attended the said event and are truly close to the family.

Photo booklets make an excellent choice for a small token of appreciation to mark a special occasion.

Another reason photo books are still highly relevant is because it is not in any danger of crashing, hacking, or getting corrupted.

As convenient as online storage or posting on social media is, these are real dangers of posting your photos online.

You run the risk of having your photos land in the wrong set of hands. As I’ve said, with all the social media posts out there, everything can be saved and seen - your photos are not an exception.

If you choose to save your photos in a hard drive, there is also the risk of it getting corrupted. A bad file or a virus can wipe years and years of photos, I have seen it happen one too many times.

You know how there are some important memories in your life that you were too young to remember or you just weren’t around at the time, like your parents’ wedding, or during the baptism of your first birthday?

Seeing as how you can never bring back time, your only connection to those memories is through photos. Photobooks are still relevant because they fully document milestones in your life that you cannot remember. They are the physical evidence of memories you cannot remember and most certainly cannot bring back.

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