Things To Do For Your Baby's First Christmas

by - 11/27/2018 11:30:00 AM

It's the first time you baby is experiencing what Christmas is like. It's going to be the first time they’re introduced to this culturally important event. Some parents might say that they won’t remember it thus there’s no point in doing anything special. This kind of attitude will not help your child as they grow because even though a baby’s mind is in the very early stages of development they can still sense what is going on. So when a family gets together and the home looks different at a specific time of year, this will be logged into their brain and the event will be something they notice more and more as they grow up. It's also just a good time for you and the family to make some memories that one day you can look back on and say you put in the effort and had fun. So since you do have a little one with you, what should their first ever Christmas be like?

Tickle the senses

Baby’s a very visual and touch sensitive. What they hear and smell isn’t as important as what they can feel and see. This is because their mind is in the survival mode all the time because they are small and vulnerable. However, you can introduce them to new smells to engage their mind and help them to experience new things. Try to make some Christmas drinks that are non-alcoholic such as a mix of cranberries, oranges and small cinnamon sticks. You can also add one kind of berry in there such as raspberries or strawberries. You may want to put in a little herb as well such as a sprig of rosemary. Allow this to boil and then just sit in the living room out of the way. This helps the home to smell like Christmas and introduces your baby to new complex smells of fruits, herbs and a little spice.

Dressed in red

No doubt that many parents will dress their children in a neutral color because it's versatile. A white or cream tone is very common among baby clothes as this can show you any signs of vomits, and of course if your baby has gone to the toilet. However, for Christmas, you can dress your baby in red, in clothes that pertain to the time of year and the event being celebrated. After reading through this ibotta app review you can see how shopping on Amazon for baby clothes in this fashion could give you a 5% cash back coupon. This is for the bulk of the shopping so you can buy things like reindeer outfits, fluffy snowman shoes, and socks as well as other St. Nick outfits too. Your baby will see that they are dressed in a bright color that isn’t something they normally wear and will give their brain something to comprehend.

Give your baby’s nose something to be intrigued about and note that this is something they are not familiar with by making a Christmas potpourri. Leave it in the living room and whenever they’re with you they will be smelling what Christmas is like.

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