5 Tips To Cleaning The Interior Of Your Car

by - 11/21/2018 06:50:00 PM

A car is a valuable asset. As such, you need to take care of it both for its mechanics and appearance. Your car’s interior should be well cared for. Part of this care is cleaning it. There is a right way and a wrong way of cleaning a car’s interior.

To guide you in the right way, here are 5 tips to cleaning the interior of your car:

1.    Vacuum Starting From The Top Down
You can begin by vacuuming the car’s ceiling and then proceed down gradually towards the floor. Ensure that you use the right nozzle for every surface when vacuuming the car. Your headliner, seats, and all the upholstered points in your car will require that you use an upholstery nozzle when vacuuming.

The crevice tool on the vacuum cleaner will come in handy in cleaning the crevices for both the seats and seat pockets. A dusting brush will be more appropriate for cleaning the vinyl and hard plastic.

2.    Wipe The Center Console
To do this, take a rag and moisten it with a cleaning detergent. Start by wiping the cleanest area first and then proceed on to the dirtier areas. Wipe the dashboard, center console, and the steering wheel. Ensure that you also wipe the gear stick and the door pockets.

Other than using a rag, you can also use car wipes. A cotton wool will come in handy in wiping grime in areas that are difficult to access. Ensure that the rag or cleaning cloth you use is clean to avoid redistributing the dirt you have cleaned off from one section on to another section.

3.    The Floor Mats
Before vacuuming your car, it is advisable that you take off the floor mats. This will allow you to gain access to the dirt that lies underneath them. If your mats are plastic, ensure that you take them off and shake off the dust then use a garden hose to wash them. Air them in an open space and have them dry up completely before returning them in the car.
If the mats are carpet, you can either vacuum them while in the car or outside the car, whichever method that is convenient for you. You should return the mats back to the car only when you’re done vacuuming the car’s interior.

4.    Use A Stain Remover To Remove Tough Stains
Stains such as juice spills, make-up, hair food, candy, food stains, your kid’s crayons, among others can leave your car seats and other surfaces looking bad. There are stain removers available in the market that you can buy and use to get rid of these stains.

5.    Handle Leather Seats With Care
Leather seats look great in cars but are quite sensitive and need to be handled with care when cleaning them to prevent cracks. An effective way of cleaning leather seats is by using a soft brush and a cleaner that works well with the leather material. Once you’re done cleaning them, go ahead and condition the seats.

These five tips will help you clean your car’s interior. The kind of products you use to clean your car determine how the surfaces will turn out to be. It is important that you invest in the right cleaning products. Here is our recommendation of the best products for car interior cleaning. Check them out today.

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