Mason Soiza Donates 100K to A Charity That Battles Women Trafficking

by - 11/17/2018 09:05:00 PM

The nature of women trafficking is extremely sophisticated. No matter how many charities are out there, it is almost impossible to understand the scale and scope of this problem. Different charities come up with different numbers, and many victims are never found – or found out about. The situation is not local, but global. It mostly affected countries under development, yet fully developed places also suffer from this issue.
With so many celebrities and famous people joining the battle against women trafficking, Mason Soiza could not miss the opportunity either. The successful businessman, entrepreneur, and CEO has recently donated $100,000 to a charity with proven results in the battle against women trafficking.
When interviewed about it, Mason Soiza did not want to disclose the name of the charity. “Everyone who wants to join such charities in one way or another should choose the ones they believe it,” he added. “No charity is better than another. They all work according to their means – financial, physical and political. Some of them manage to go further than others and have better results. The small ones are usually the ones that require more financial help, so choose yourself the cause you want to support,” he mentioned during the interview.
The successful businessman came into the spotlight after someone spotted him leaving a local bank with a few associates. He wanted to be there in person to ensure that the donation goes in the right direction. Reporters could not figure out what happened, so everyone assumed it was just a business transaction. No one bothered about it – did not even make it to the news.
When questioned about that day during a news interview, he made it public and said that he went there to make a donation. Mason Soiza refused to tell how much he donated, but he did answer the curious reporter's questions when he put out some numbers. Eventually, when the reporter asked about $100,000, the businessman replied in a shy manner “about that, yes.”
With the news of his generosity going public, Mason Soiza took advantage of it and urged other business people (and regular individuals) to support the causes they believe in. "There are plenty of problems out there, and unfortunately, they rarely become priorities. Be it global warming, modern-day slavery or women trafficking for sex; these issues are overlooked for some reasons. We do not have the police force to tackle these problems fully. And even if we did, the simple fact that some people use such services will keep the market going," he mentioned.
According to recent statistics – which are approximate, as the scale is probably larger, there are over 40 million people trapped in modern slavery. According to some experts, the number is at least twice higher, while some charities claim on about 25% to 50% more. It sounds crazy, but for every 1,000 people in the world, there are around five victims of slavery. To give you an idea, if you live in a city with 500,000 people, there might be 2,500 slaves in the area.
Over 70% of all these victims are women and young girls. Out of these, only 75% are older than 18. The rest are children. Some 22% of them are victims of sexual exploitation, while almost 40% of them are trafficked for forced marriage.
These numbers are quite shocking for everyone. At the same time, they represent the main reasons wherefore so many people – and even celebrities – decide to get involved with charities protecting women and girls against human trafficking.
Mason Soiza gained notoriety after becoming one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the human history. He made his first million less than two weeks after turning 39. He runs a successful marketing company, but his name is also associated with many individual projects and high-end customers.
“To be entirely honest with you, I was inspired by Ashton Kutcher's charity Thorn, which identifies and helps victims of abuse – mostly children. In a world with a large gap between genders, women trafficking charities are sometimes overlooked. People try to help the planet, animals, certain species and the environment, but they often forget about other people – people who could be their mothers, sisters or friends. I am not saying other causes are bad – hey, do not get me wrong, please! It is all about helping as much as you can and supporting something that you believe in,” he said by the end of the interview.

Apart from his recent philanthropic activities, Mason Soiza is currently involved in expanding his company by opening a few other offices throughout the USA. It is a stressful and time-consuming operation, but a good person will always find the time to think about the less fortunate people out there.

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