Add-ons You Need For Your Work From Home Office

by - 9/20/2017 09:37:00 PM

Working from home has become a popular way of getting on with your day. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or simply exploring the freedom of flexible working, it is so convenient! The trouble is, there might be a few too many distractions in your house. This can affect your concentration, time management, and productivity. What you need is a dedicated home office where you can focus on the tasks at hand:

Big Desk
If the focus of your room is the desk, you’ll naturally be drawn to it. No computer desks here! Make sure it’s a solid piece of furniture with plenty of drawers and one of those amazing leather writing tops. You can pick up a preloved one at an auction site online, or even have it custom built just for you. It needs to have plenty of space for your computer monitors, and a little bit of room for that giant mug of coffee.

Big Chair
Comfort and good posture go hand in hand. When you’re choosing an office chair, you need to make sure you get both. Most good quality office seats are fully adjustable so you can set them up, so they’re just right for you. Your elbows should be at table height and wherever that positions you set the monitor height too. The top of the screen should be in line with your eyes to avoid strain. You can pick a color to match the room, the wall art, or even the rug. Black works just fine too!

Relaxing and Welcoming Sofa
Every good office has a sofa for visitors. Of course, they’re quite handy when you need to take a quick break or read through that lengthy report. Choose a sofa that matches the room. It needs to be something you’re proud to show off if you regularly entertain clients or suppliers. A blue chesterfield sofa could be ideal if you’re looking for a trendy splash of color. That type of leather seating will definitely impress anyone visiting!

More Monitors
The author Terry Pratchett famously had six monitors set up in his home office. He would have preferred eight! The reason for so many? You can have all your active windows laid out on individual screens so that you can see them clearly while working. Live news streams could be on one, while your website stats are displayed on another. You might even have a couple of screens displaying your research, and another for your video chat. The possibilities are endless.

Ergonomic Keyboard
Once you’ve got your room set up how you like it, you need to actually start working! If you think you’re going to be typing for a lot of hours each day, it is necessary to protect your hands and wrists. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and trapped ulnar nerves can stop you using your hands altogether. Use a proper padded wrist rest and an ergonomic keyboard to reduce the risk of these conditions occurring.

Any home office should be light and airy. It should inspire you and facilitate your work. Come out from the nook under the stairs, and enjoy a beautiful workspace at home.

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