Big Wedding, Small Budget? No Problem

by - 9/28/2017 10:06:00 AM

As one of the biggest days of your life, you, of course, want your wedding to be beautiful and memorable. The price of weddings is ever climbing, but if you don’t have a huge budget, there’s no need to fret. You can still throw a spectacular party which your guests will adore, and you and your partner will never forget. Here are some ideas for cutting those costs.

Have The Reception at Home
Often the biggest expense when it comes to getting married is the venue. So to bypass this cost, why not have it at home? If you or a family member has a large garden, setting everything up here can work out much cheaper, and it’s more personal too. Hiring a big gazebo won’t be too expensive will protect your guests from sun and rain while still giving a very wedding-y look. Instead of hiring caterers for the occasion, put together a buffet which will work out much less costly. You could even fire up the pizza oven or the barbeque later on. This will still be the most expensive part of the wedding, and if you’re struggling, you could use a site like That way you could spread the cost and pay it back later on. Either way, having the reception at home can save you some serious cash when it comes to your wedding.

DIY The Decorations
Pinterest has endless inspiration when it comes to wedding decorations. You don’t have to go expensive with this: mason jars wrapped in twine and burlap, cute metal buckets, plastic fish bowls filled with led fairy lights. These touches can look really effective and will cost next to nothing. You could even get your bridal party involved to help, a chance for you to all catch-up and chat about the wedding over some sparkling wine while doing something crafty together in preparation for the big day. A few simple craft materials and some creativity could save you hundreds on your wedding decorations.

Get Friends and Family Involved
Do you have a budding DJ or photographer in the family? See if they would be prepared to put in some time for you on your wedding. They might do it for free, or much cheaper than a professional. If you know someone who’s a keen gardener, you could find out if they would be willing to grow and donate some of their flowers to you for your big day, this could save massively on costs. Things like lilies and roses are easy to grow but expensive to buy so if you have a gardener in your social circle they could contribute easily. You could bulk up whatever they manage to grow with some handpicked wildflowers for a stunning rustic look, just make sure you’re picking them from somewhere legal. For example, you can’t pick flowers in public parks.

Are you planning on getting married but only have a small budget? What have you done to save on costs?

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