Need Travel Ideas? Check out Colorado from an RV

by - 9/26/2017 09:44:00 AM

Colorado has become a popular destination over the last decade. With such a diverse set of sites to see, it's easy to understand why. In this article, we will lay out a Colorado trip you can enjoy from the comfort of an RV. If you're considering a trip like this, we recommend renting your RV from B&B RV in Denver, Colorado. They are one of the biggest private dealerships in the country.

Why an RV?

If you really want to see Colorado you'll need to move around a lot. Some people might prefer to hang out on a beach and sip cocktails during their vacation. However, for the more active among us, traveling is about maximizing novelty. In an RV, you can get the most from your trip without being constrained by any single location. Imagine spending a night deep in the Rocky Mountains, where the stripe of the Milky Way is clearly visible at night. Then the very next night, you could be checking out Denver's nightlife. Not only that, but a rental RV is often significantly cheaper per night than a stay at a hotel.

The Big Loop

To avoid seeing the same sites twice, planning your trip in a loop is recommended. Some people might want to see what the city of Denver has to offer immediately. You could fly into Denver and Couchsurf or AirBnB for the first night, then pick up the RV the following day. Or if you're itching to get to the woods, just pick up your RV and head West.

Georgetown Loop and Guanella Pass

A little-known stop that is great to get warmed up on is the small town of Georgetown. You can find some of the best pizza in the state in Georgetown, and a great little brewery too. Once you get the RV parked, you can head up to the train station. The Georgetown loop railroad will take you on a short winding trip through the wilderness to the town of Silver Plume. If you time this right, you can see the autumn aspens turning a luminous gold.
After your railroad trip, you can zip up Guanella Pass over to highway 285. The pass doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves. You will drive by multiple 14,000 ft. peaks that tower overhead. There are also sprawling mountain valleys and beautiful mountain lakes abound.

Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway

If you liked the short rail trip in Georgetown, then you'll definitely want to go check out the narrow gauge in Durango. It's a long drive from Georgetown, so plan some stops with nice day hikes to break up the drive. Once you arrive in Durango, you'll be in awe of the surrounding San Juan mountains. Many people compare the mountains in this area to those of the Swiss Alps.
Grab a ticket for the narrow gauge, and enjoy 45 miles of almost untouched wilderness from a train car. You'll arrive in an old silver-mining camp known today as Silverton. Only a few hundred people live there today. If you experience vertigo when looking up at the neighboring peaks, you're not alone.

Sangre De Christo Mountains and the Great Sand Dunes

When you're done in Durango, head East to the Great Sand Dunes. Here, butted up against the beautiful Sangre De Christo Mountains, you'll find a massive deposit of sand dunes. The feature is one of the strangest sites in the United States, resembling the Sahara desert to some extent. Pro Tip: pick up a bocce ball set and spend a few hours on the sand playing.

Plenty of Options

When you're finished in the sand, pick a place that sounds fun to you. It's impossible to see it all in one trip, but wherever you go you'll probably have fun. There are the caves and hot springs found in Glenwood Springs. Even bigger caves, as well as the Garden of the Gods, can be found in Colorado Springs. The Rocky Mountain National Park never ceases to amaze its visitors. Although, try to take some time for a hike if you go as the roads can be extremely busy.
In an RV, the options never end. Even better, as your trip unfolds and you find activities you enjoy you can make changes to your plan on the fly. Traveling in an RV is sure to be an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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