How To Decorate Your Home On A Budget

by - 9/19/2017 06:41:00 PM

Sometimes your home needs a new lease of life, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have unlimited funds to complete the job. Sometimes small and simple changes can make a huge difference, so if that’s what you want, then follow the simple steps below.


Before you even get to the decorating, you need an actual budget. Decide what rooms may need a bit of a spruce up, and work out how much money you are willing to spend on those rooms. Once you’ve got this, you need to find the funding for your project. You may have some stashed away already in a savings account or a jar in the kitchen, but if you haven’t then you’re going to have to think of where you can get the money from. Borrowing from friends or family members is an option, but it’s not always available and isn’t always the most sensible even if it is. The other option is getting a loan, from your bank or a high street lender, for example. There are places that you can secure personal loans even with poor credit, so don’t let debts or missed payments of the past stop you from having the home of your dreams.

Colour Of The Walls

Although this may not be a small change, it certainly is a simple and relatively cheap one, that can make a room look completely different.  You can purchase a relatively large tin of paint for very little money nowadays; You can even find ones with great quality if you have a good look around. Decide on a general color scheme for the entire house, and have individual rooms painted in various shades in this color scheme. This will give each room its own personality but will tie up the room together nicely, so that there are no glaring color transitions when you go from room to room. For your living room, you could even splash out on some nice wallpaper or a wall mural to cover one of the walls and create a professional looking feature. The amount of paper needed for this one wall will cost very little but will have a big impact on the room.

Use What You’ve Got

There’s no point in getting rid of perfectly good furniture, even if you want to update the room. Simply moving the furniture around in your room can make it look and feel completely different to how it was before. You could even upcycle some of your existing furniture, for example, you could sand down and gloss the wooden table and chairs in your kitchen to make it match the new color scheme. You could add some new fabric to your worn-looking armchair too.

Change The Cushions

It’s completely understandable if you can’t afford to get a new sofa, especially if your old one still does its job, but that doesn’t mean it has to continue looking the same. Adding some new cushions or throws can make a world of difference. There are tons of stylish, yet affordable cushion on the market for you to purchase. Try to find ones that match your color scheme, if your sofa doesn’t already.

Lighting Is Everything

Changing the lighting in a room can have a massive impact on the way it looks and feels. A room that is completely illuminated, depending on the brightness of the light and where it’s positioned can feel lovely and big, or like you’re sitting in a dentist waiting room. Similarly, having few lights in your room can either make it feel cozy and warm, or dark and dingy. What you want is to have a room that feels big in the day, but cozy at night. To do this, lamps are your best friend. Have them positioned in the places in your room that aren’t illuminated by your main light fitting or light from the windows. Then, in the evening, you can have on just one or two of these lamps, and perhaps some fairy lights to make your room feel lovely and cozy. If you don’t have the funds to buy new lamps or light fittings, then simply changing your existing lampshades can have a huge effect.

Decorating your home when you’re on a tight budget can be difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. Make sure to keep a small amount of money aside, just in case you see something slightly out of your price range that you want to splash out on. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, and your home for that matter, as long as you don’t go overboard.

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