Master The Art Of Discovering The Next Property Hotspot

by - 9/21/2017 06:50:00 PM

If you’re an individual who loves nothing more than getting a good deal, the chances are that when you look for your next property, you’ll be keen on finding a pad located in the newest up and coming area. If you find the right spot, you could get settled into a location early before the ripple effect has spread to your area. As cafes and bars pop up and the vicinity becomes redeveloped, property prices will inevitably increase. If you’re looking at bricks and mortar in terms of an investment rather than just your home, mastering the art of discovering the next property hotspot might be just the skill that you are looking for.



Before you even begin your house search, you need to ensure that all of your finances are in order. If you have a lingering credit card debt coupled with a loan, you may find it useful to head over to Here, they explain the process of merging your separate debts into one monthly repayment. This will make paying off the debt quicker and more manageable so you are ready to then apply for a home loan. It goes without saying that you cannot make a late payment or worse still, skip one altogether. This will leave a negative mark on your credit rating and could lead to you being refused finance.

You’ll also need to get saving. Living like a bit of a miser for a few months will enable you to accrue the ideal nest egg to put towards a deposit on a home. Being able to save shows any potential mortgage lender that you are a responsible borrower.


Location, Location, Location

Finding the next up and coming area for property can be tricky. Get it wrong, and you could end up in an area that is forever supposedly on the up. Head to the location and drive around. Look for telltale signs of redevelopment. If people are doing up their houses or building extensions, this is a positive sign. Take a look at people’s gardens. If they look well manicured, it shows that the residents take pride in where they live.

Try and find the hub of the area. Is the high street a dull, depressing place with boarded up commercial premises or is it full of life, bustling with cafes, shops, and independent traders? Think about amenities and transportation links as well as the other property hotspot signs listed at If you can tick every indicator off the list, then it might be time to apply for that home loan.



Take a look on property portals and check out house prices in the area for the last couple of years. Are prices stagnating or are they heading on an upwards trajectory? Increasing house prices mean only one thing: the area is becoming attractive and demand is outweighing supply. You might want to get in quick while the iron is still hot to make a lucrative return on your investment.

Although it can involve a little trial and error, with a bit of luck and after following these tips, you will be able to identify the next up and coming area local to you. Invest in some bricks and mortar, and you could see yourself leaping up the property ladder.

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