The Importance of Good Credit For Future Homeowners

by - 9/25/2017 07:46:00 AM


As we are all well aware, millennials are having a pretty tough time of it when it comes to getting their foot on the property ladder. House prices seem to have skyrocketed over the past few years, while salaries have remained pretty consistent. More young people than ever are opting to rent and house share in a bid to save cash and maintain a good standard of living. However, that’s not to say that circumstances will remain the same in the near future. Potential future homeowners should keep their eye on the prize of independent living and ensure that their credit rating is in good nick should the time come when they do want to take out a mortgage of their own. Here are a few pieces of advice regarding the importance of a good credit rating for securing a home of your own.

Credit History

Your credit score essentially provides potential lenders with an overview of your credit history. While you may believe that avoiding borrowing money is the best way to prove your ability to live within your means, failing or refusing to engage in lending small sums of money can actually have a negative effect on your credit score. After all, how are lenders supposed to know that you can be trusted with large sums of money that are not your own when you have no evidence? Houses don’t come cheap, so you need to lend and repay money responsibly to show that you are to be trusted. Perhaps worse than having no credit history whatsoever? Having a terrible credit history. But not to worry. We can all rectify our ways and there are different methods that you can try out to improve your credit score. Just take a look at This page shows common things that people do wrong when it comes to repairing their rating as well as other pieces of sage advice on boosting your rating.

What Will I Need Credit For?

Becoming a homeowner is likely to involve lending a lot more than your mortgage alone. After all, when you move into a property that you are buying, you are going to want to make it picture perfect. Setting up entails a lot more than you may be used to when renting or sharing accommodation where furniture is often already provided or shared. First things first: you may plan on renovating your new property before you move all of your things in. Getting work done is a whole lot easier when you don’t have to protect all of your belongings at the same time. Builders can walk in and out more freely and the chance of your goods being damaged by paint, water or dust is eliminated. So, you may well intend to lend cash for home improvements such as extensions, loft conversions or bathroom and kitchen installations. After renovations have been carried out, you will also want to decorate and furnish your property. Carpets, paint, sofas and other items mount up quickly. You may wish to pay for a suite or appliances on credit. So you need to bear your credit score in mind for these things too!

So, whether you’re planning on purchasing a property in the near future or not, it’s always beneficial to keep your options open. Maintain a positive credit score and the world will quickly become your oyster.

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