Adding Some Character To A Humble Home

by - 9/21/2017 09:43:00 PM

Sometimes, a humble home has all the character it already needs. Other times, the downside of your humble home is that it’s an absolute tip, the furnishings are outdated, and there are numerous broken items that have been sitting on your ‘To Fix’ list for months. It’s important that your home remains humble and cozy but having ‘character’ doesn’t have to mean that your household looks old and unappealing. You can retain that atmosphere of a ‘lived-in’ property whilst modernizing, cleaning, and fixing up the place. Here are some ways to add character to your humble home without losing some of its existing character in the process.

Clean up the place.
Think of yourself as an artist. A home renovation project is a creative process and that’s why you need to start with a blank slate, much like a painter with a blank sheet of paper before them. If you start to tidy up the house, bag up possessions that you no longer like or need, and reduce each room down to the bare essentials that you actually love then you might find that you have more of an idea as to what actually needs to be fixed around your home.

Your house will already look a lot better once you’ve decluttered the place and made it more spacious. You’ll want to refresh the walls too so you could look into things such as hanging up mirrors to reflect more light and brighten up the room, as we’ve suggested before. You should repaint the walls a neutral cream or white color to achieve the same effect; natural sunlight can do a lot to change a room. Now that you’ve tidied the place up and you’re seeing the house for what it really is, it’s time to move onto...

The plan.
You have to think about what changes you really want to make to the house. You’ve tidied the place up and now you need to go through each room and list the things you’d really like to change about the place. As explained over at, it’s important to inspect the property before making major decisions. Once you have a list, you should cost up all the individual projects you have in mind. If the project seems to be a little over budget then you could either strip back the project or perhaps even look into borrowing money to help fund it.

Renovation projects cost a fair bit of money, and that’s why many people need financial support. If you’re worried that your credit score might be a little too low for you to get the loan you want then you could check out sites such as for help with improving your rating. The point is that you need to be sure you have the financial means to cover the entire project. Don’t dive into a home renovation without costing it.

The garden.

Whilst you may already have your plan set in place for the things you’d like to do with the interior of your property (new kitchen surfaces, furnishings, and fixing those leaky faucets), there’s a part of your property that you may have neglected: the garden. When it comes to adding character to your humble home, the exterior part of your household can do wonders to make your house more homely. As explained over at, greenery outside the home can really improve the first impressions of your household. The garden plays a huge part in your property’s overall character. Invest in a cozy patio area with couches and perhaps even a gazebo.

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