Building A Guest House On Your Personal Property For Family, Friends And Business

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A guest house could be a fantastic addition to your home for many reasons. Whether you just want the extra space to add to your property value, give family and friends a chance to stay over when they come visit, or simply run the guest house like a business, it’s totally up to you. However, it’s no easy feat to achieve a successful build that’s high quality, in keeping with modern building standards and have an inviting interior design. With so much to plan for and anticipate any hiccups, calculating the cost of this venture is going to sometimes feel like running in the woods blindfolded hoping not to hit a tree. Every single aspect of each individual task needs to be clearly thought of so that in the end every fits into the bigger picture. With a few basic home improvement techniques, the interior can look contemporary and be inviting to all comers. There are many questions you must ask yourself and be willing to dig deep to find the answers for.

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Why and location
There are many reasons which are personal to you, for wanting to build a guest house. But first you must ask, do you have the room? Building on your own personal property, such as next to your home, means you might be cutting it tight if you’re an average income earner. Even so, don’t let this dishearten you because as long as the two properties are clear of each other, the principle still stands in good stead. Preferably you should be aiming to keep a 10, 15 or 20 meter spacing between your home and the guest house; just so each property has a little breathing room. Your guest house could be for a family such as in-laws coming to stay over for Christmas, long-term friends, and or, while it’s not in use by them, you could rent it out to holidaymakers as a form of extra income.  

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Layout and rooms
Keep the layout and demand of the guest house simple. You’re trying to build a permanent residence home, so keep the concept as slim and streamlined as possible. The ground floor could be two rooms, such as the lounge and kitchen. The first floor could be two single bedrooms with a hinged partition which separates the floor but can be joined with the removal of the folding wall. The house should be catered purely to the number of people able to live comfortably. The lounge and kitchen area must be compact but still comfortable. The kitchen must double as the dining area. Therefore, enough space to have a dining table and two chairs is paramount.
Environmental standards
The guest house will have its own supply of water, electricity, and heat. Therefore the constructing will be just as stringent as any normal house building. Land contamination could be a major hurdle if the soil the foundations are to be laid on are found to be a health hazard. Before building can commence, you need the advice and services of environmental consultants who can test the earth at the point of construction to confirm whether or not it’s safe. With the complement of a scientific laboratory, the proper checks for volatility can be tested, assessed and given the proper conclusion. With such precautions you can prevent the corrosion of water pipes, and the drinking water from being infected with parasites. You may also find that as you dig deeper in a certain part of the garden, the soil is peculiar in the form that it’s rather moist. Soft-land is no place to build a heavy structure, therefore proper planning and consultancy is required if this is scenario matches your experience.

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Helpful services
Each bedroom should have its own shower and toilet room. This doesn’t have to be a roomy affair, a simple standing shower, and toilet arrangement could be in the format of a small wet room. There should be a refrigerator in the kitchen area so guests can buy and keep a reasonable amount of food in the house for immediate access to nutrition; although you could also offer hot homemade meals in your home as part of a package. Mini Fridges in the bedrooms may positively add to the price you can charge for the rooms as this is a luxury item. Hot water could only be active at a certain time, to save you money but modern systems allow for quick heating so you may also find giving guests a little more freedom can earn you more money in fact. The lounge could have a television if guests are feeling bored or want to stay in for the night. Equally, WiFi access is detrimental to attracting customers on holiday who want to find the nearest restaurants and book a day trip.

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