The Busy Nurse: Everyday Hacks for Comfort

by - 7/28/2017 09:57:00 PM

If you’re a seasoned nurse, you’ve probably seen it all by now and know your way around the little tricks that can make your days at work easier. Caring for others can be as messy and tiring as it is rewarding - but with a few genius work hacks to eliminate the unpleasantness, you may find that your day runs smoothly and with fewer hiccups than before. It is, after all, no easy job to be a nurse.

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Here are the best insider tips from experienced nurses looking to make it a bit easier on the newcomers; with advice on everything from taking care of yourself at work to taking better care of your patients.

Work Hacks: Gloves and Coffee

One of the best-known hacks for the neat nurse who’d avoid getting poop on her hands, by all means, triple gloving is the only way to go. It saves your hands from sudden exposure when you’re cleaning up your patients, as well as saving you time from replacing the set of gloves when you’re done with the first task.

Simply peel off the first layer and apply the clean diaper - no time wasted on changing the dirty gloves. Finally, peel off the second layer and you’re all ready to change the bed sheets. Such an easy hack to spare you the extra stress and so much time saved that can be better spent elsewhere.

We all love the smell of coffee, right? It’s well-known that the fragrant beans can cover up most odors - and many perfume shops will offer you a few beans to smell on, by the way, in between perfume sniffing so that your nose is ready for the next bottle. Use some grounded coffee to cover up nasty odors around your patient's’ bed; just a bit underneath the bed is able to make their life easier, as well as yours.

You can even toss two handfuls of beans into something decorative and place it in the room permanently, or at least until the beans lose their puff.

If you need more tips on how to get rid of smelly scents, wherever it may come from, rub a bit of toothpaste on it. Whether it’s your mask that won’t stop stinking or if your hands smell like every patient’s old bed sheets, dab some toothpaste on the area - and there you go.

Patient Hacks: Keeping them occupied

The point of being a nurse is to care for your patients; with these simple mind-hacks, you’ll be able to complete your work accurately and give them some peace of mind at the same time - it’s a win-win, really. First of all, when you’re monitoring the respiration of a patient, don’t tell them what you’re doing. The idea is that as soon as they’re aware that you’re checking their breathing, they’ll start to breathe more or even less.

Instead, say that you’re listening to their pulse and you’ll notice how the readings immediately become more accurate.

The same kind of mind tricks will also work very well on restless patients. If you have a few confused ones who continue to get out of bed, just give them a pile of laundry to fold. Your intentions are not to make laborers out of those you’re taking care of, but rather to provide them a purpose for staying in bed. Before you know it, you’ll have a content patient who is calmly folding towels instead of trying to drift meaninglessly around in the corridors.

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Long Shift Hacks: Comfort and Sleep

Those long days up and running can take a toll on your poor feet. The most important thing you can do for them is, of course, to dress them in the right kind of shoes. You know, the kind that supports your heels without squeezing your toes too much. Have a look at this article for seven proper feet hacks for the tired nurse.

It’s important that the rest of your uniform is just as comfortable and able to breathe, as well, to leave you perfectly dry and cozy for the rest of your shift. A uniform is more than just something to wear at work; it’s a part of sliding back into your nursing role at the beginning of the day and crawling out of the role again at the end of the day. Get serious about your nursing costume and find comfort at It won’t make your shifts any shorter or less stressful, but it might make it a bit more fun to prepare for a long and tiring shift.

It’s a good idea to have a few sleep hacks up your sleeve for those night shifts, by the way. If you’re new to the game, you can find many good articles on how to take care of yourself when working through the night. Most of them, however, will preach the same methods; have a nap before you arrive at work, stay hydrated and don’t fuel up on coffee all the time, and find ways of resting in between your shift.

The 90-minute rule is a brilliant way of napping as it teaches you how to be the master of your own sleeping cycle - or rather, how to take advantage of it to wake up refreshed. You can visit as well to cure your own insomnia when you’re trying to sleep in the daytime - or to give to a patient who struggles with falling asleep. The section on how to wind down before hitting the sack is especially helpful.

Simple and brilliant hacks for nurses are usually popular stuff, whether you’re a completely new nurse or an experienced one. You’re dealing with people every day, and your main task is to give them exceptional care; these tips make you able to do this, as well as making it easier to take better care of yourself in the midst of chaos. Beat the stress next time you’re on a shift and enjoy the smug feeling - just remember to share it with your fellow nurses.

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