Giving Your Kids a Memorable Birthday Without Breaking The Bank

by - 7/18/2017 10:35:00 PM

It’s okay to admit it, every Mom has looked at their kids’ birthday with dread every once in awhile. “Another one?” I hear you cry, “Didn’t they just have one last year?”. One of the hardest lines parents have to walk is between being able to give your kids everything they need and (almost) everything they want, and managing your family’s budget effectively. Parents can easily bankrupt themselves catering to their kids’ every capricious whim, and while the impulse to do this is understandable, the only thing that will arise from this is... spoiled children.


When you look back at your happiest childhood memories, they’re likely more concentric around being with your family and feeling loved, happy and valued, not about the gifts you played with. Believe it or not, the same will be true of your children when they grow up. That said, all parents need a helping hand financially and if you need access to quick cash for presents, school shoes or any number of the everyday dramas that come with parenting, financial help is out there regardless of your credit rating. Using a bad credit lender is a useful way to navigate the inevitable road bumps in life’s journey so long as you’re mindful of how to manage your repayments. That said, these ideas for creating a memorable birthday for any boy or girl are designed to suit any budget:

Transform your home into somewhere magical

Lots of great places cater for kids’ birthday parties, but if budget and logistics are an issue then remember that even the most mundane of places including your home or back garden can easily be made special. Never underestimate how transformative some balloons, banners and fairy lights can be. Transform your home for a day and you’ll make a fun and lasting memory.

If your kid can’t get enough of comic books then maybe having some sort of superhero theme will make the day extra magical, or if they love Disney then princess costumes and castle motifs should be the order of the day.


Kids love dressing up, and costumes, themed decorations, and food can really lend a sense of magic to their special day.

Treasure hunts, the ultimate birthday activity

If you’re laying out all your child’s presents at their feet, it might be fun for you but for them, it’s boring and unrewarding. The more involved kids are in their birthday celebrations, more they’ll treasure the memories. Treasure hunts are fun, interactive adventures and a great way for kids to uncover their gifts, their cake or even beloved guests by solving a series of clues.

You’ll also have a great time bonding with them as you help them solve the clues, but try to resist the urge to solve the puzzle for them.

Remember… The greatest gift is love

No gist is more important or crucial to a child’s development than feeling loved and valued. If you can’t quite articulate this, it doesn’t mean you’re not a great parent. Many of us struggle with finding the right words. List all of the unique and beautiful things about the birthday boy or girl and try to arrange them into some specific compliments.

How you do this is entirely up to you. Write them in a card, put them on a banner, or get them printed on balloons. This will give your child a greater sense of value and love than any expensive, flashy gift.

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