Buying a Home With a Lot of Land: What Are The Benefits?

by - 7/25/2017 08:29:00 AM

When most people are looking to buy a home, it’s mainly the property itself they look at. While nice gardens and outside space are on most people’s list, it usually isn’t their number one priority. However, there are plenty of reasons why the land your property is on should be taken into consideration just as much as the house itself. Here are a few of them.

There are few things more calming and rejuvenating than spending time in nature. When you live in a crowded street in a busy city, you don’t get too many opportunities in your day to day life to enjoy it. Living in a property which has a lot of its own land allows you to enjoy peaceful walks, go bird watching, marvel at the flowers and plants and generally get away from the noise and pollution of more populated areas.

When you live nearby to neighbours, you’re limited when it comes to privacy. You’re likely to overhear each other’s conversations, you can see each other coming and going and living in close proximity often causes things like neighbour feuds. Living in a house surrounded by your own land gives you privacy like no other. If you want to have your music up loud, you can! If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, you can without other people’s noise filtering through.

Sports and Hobbies
Having your own land provides endless opportunities when it comes to sports and hobbies. You could use the space to practice different sports, you could keep animals, build a swimming pool, you could enjoy painting or practice tai chi outside with plenty of space and no disturbance from anyone else. If you look at info about Sports Afield ranch listings, it will give you even more ideas on how you could use the space around your property for sports and hobbies. Think how incredible having space outdoors to enjoy the things you love would be!

Do you love hosting parties? Having a huge amount of outdoor space allows you to get everyone together with ease. Whether you want to throw a pool party, barbeque, afternoon tea or any other kind of garden party the options are endless. You could have a huge outdoor kitchen built with an outdoor fireplace, large decked area for seating and plenty of activities for kids and adults alike to keep them busy. With a large space to work with the sky really is the limit.

Options To Extend
When you live on a large plot of land, it makes extending easy. Most people have to worry about how much they’re cutting into their garden when they do something like this, whereas that’s not an issue when you have lots of land. You could build stables, kennels or other outbuildings, extend your home with brick extensions or with conservatories/ orangeries. You could buy a small home with a lot of land, and then over the years extend it until you have your dream home.

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