Moving Home: What Not To Forget

by - 7/10/2017 11:41:00 PM

Moving home is a stressful occasion, let's not kid ourselves about that. The excitement of buying the house has probably been replaced by the stress of having to move the contents of one house into another, which is no easy feat. If you’re like me, you have probably accumulated enough stuff to last someone a lifetime.  It is easy, however, to overlook some of the essential things you need to do before you have actually moved in.

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People who choose to buy new homes often do so just to avoid the added stress of having to fix up a property once they’ve moved in. You might have gone for a new development to reduce the amount of work you have to do, but before the day arrives, there are several things important things that you need to do.
1- Donate or Throw Away
You will be wasting time and money moving things that you no longer need into your new house. There’s no point holding onto anything if you can’t justify it for practical or at the very least sentimental reasons. This is why you absolutely need to get rid of anything that you don’t need when you move home! This includes furniture, clothes, and any bits and pieces that have been kicking around the shed for years without being used. Be ruthless with this! Have a yard sale or go to a carboot sale and sell your items cheaply to get rid of them, while earning a bit of cash in hand. You probably won’t sell everything so take all the remaining items and donate them to a charity shop. Don’t hold on to anything you couldn’t see yourself paying to transport.
2- Write Up An Itinerary Of Your Moving Day
Being organised on your moving day, and having a plan of what you need to do will make this process much more smooth! Things you need to plan for include what time the movers arrive when they will be at your house and who will meet and coordinate with them. If you manage to plan your day well, you won’t have as much stress when you’re dashing around trying to remember where to go and who is taking what.
3- Ask Previous Home Owners Any Last Minute Questions
Before you move in make sure you have a list of questions you need to ask the previous homeowners. These might be small things that probably won’t be on the top of your list of priorities; however, you’ll be thankful you did a few weeks later when it is too late. Things you might need to include in your checklist include basic questions such as when the bins are collected and where the electricity meter is. Knowing where all the plugs and electricity and water mains are in the house will save you the bother of having to search all over the place if you’re ever in a sensitive situation such as a power cut or flood!
4- Meet Your Neighbours
As you will be living in this new home for quite a few years, if not your lifetime, it makes sense to see who your neighbors are and introduce yourself before you purchase the house and move in. If you have children, it is good to know if the neighborhood is child-friendly, and if you want a quiet or lively area, it is important that you look around at the place you will be living in as well. Making the first move might not seem like the most natural thing to do. However, it will be appreciated by your neighbors who see that you are making an effort to meet people and integrate into the neighborhood. The chances are, if you start off on a good foot, you will continue to build a good relationship with your neighbors which is crucial to feeling comfortable in your home and around your neighborhood.

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