Options When The Family Home Is Falling Apart

by - 7/31/2017 11:43:00 PM

It always happens without warning. The kids become teenagers in the blink of an eye, and you were so focused on being great parents to every new child you had that you forgot to look around you and notice that the home was becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day. As a family grows, it’s natural that the home needs to adapt with them or it’ll start to feel very cramped.

Of course, there’s also the fact that any home is going to experience wear and tear over time. You’ve got clumsy kids who are taller than you and don’t realize their own strength. They’re bound to slam doors accidentally (as well as purposefully, on occasion) and sound as if they’re coming through the ceiling every time they walk across the upstairs landing. Here are your options when the family home feels as if it’s starting to fall apart.

There’s every chance that your home is beyond saving. It might simply be a case of there being too many people in the house and too few rooms to spare. If your children are still growing then it’s definitely time to move because they’ll only need more space in the future. A family home needs to be a place that the family can grow into if you want it to have the potential to be a permanent home. Of course, moving is a big step, so you’ll want to do some hardcore planning first. You could look into some furniture removals specialists because moving an entire family is often a mammoth task. Make sure you discuss the whole thing with your family extensively. It’s important that everybody’s on board, but they probably will be if everybody’s running out of personal space.

Of course, drastic decisions may not always be the answer. Sometimes, the house is a perfect size but you’ve all simply failed to use the space effectively. Start by cutting down on your possessions and decluttering the home to see how much available space there really is. You should be opting for a minimalistic look in order to really optimize the space available. Rooms are probably much bigger than you think, but you and the kids might both be guilty of hoarding things and over-cluttering the house with stuff that you don’t need. Create space by opening up each room in your home. Get rid of the excess.

Do you remember that outdoor space known as the garden? It’s yours. It’s part of your home, and you need to start treating it that way. Sure, nature might be untamed and wild, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn this little space into an outdoor home. There are so many ways to extend your home into the garden, but the important point is that you’ll be growing your liveable space using the property you already own. You could opt for a patio area with comfortable seating to create a little more breathing room, or you could opt for the conservatory option to give you an additional indoor living area. It might help you space out furnishings you already own and create a bigger living space.


At the end of the day, a comfortable home can be created by a simple change of perspective. Perhaps the home simply needs a makeover in order to stop looking and feeling as if it’s falling apart. This could start with a fresh coat of paint and end with fixing the leaky faucet in the bathroom or the unhinged cabinets in the kitchen. Put some effort into redesigning your home, and you’ll be surprised by the results.

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