Curtains You Need For Your Homes

by - 7/10/2017 11:32:00 PM

One of the important must have in our home is the curtains. It helps block the sunlight or rain showers. It can also add a unique vibe in our homes especially the bedroom. As you know, curtains can make a difference in your room only when chosen correctly. It's only a matter of fabric, length and lining, color and whether it is from the store or custom made. So let me give you a quick guide to selecting the right curtains for your home.

Fabric and Color

The best fabric material to choose is linen, faux silk, silk, and velvet. The fabric of the curtain should not be too heavy because it might be difficult to fold and it should not be too light or else it won't fall well. You should refrain from getting bright colored curtains if your room gets a lot of light since the color will fade faster. Choose curtains with neutral colors that are more likely to easily blend in your room's decoration. 

Length and Lining

Use hanging panels higher than the window to give height to your room. Also, curtains hanging from the floor can give a traditional look when slightly spilled on the floor or let the panel fall for a modern look.

Custom Made and Off the Shelf Curtains

Customized curtains offer many benefits: You can choose the size, design, material that will suit your taste though it may cost a lot compared from curtains that can be bought in-store or online.

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with a rabbit pattern design that will make her room look chic and cute.

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