Go On Your Dream Holiday Without Going Broke

by - 10/09/2017 08:08:00 PM

Holidays and travel are kind of like a junk food binge. They’re a great idea at the time, but you pay for them later on down the line. With holidays, you literally pay for them, it costs a lot of money to travel. Especially if you want to go to an expensive holiday destination that’s been on your bucket list for ages. If only there were ways of going on your dream holiday without ending up broke.

Oh wait, there are.

It’s all about preparation. If you plan and prepare your holiday months in advance, you can save a lot of money and make it more bearable for your bank balance. Take a look at these ideas:

Collect Credit Card Rewards

If you have a credit card, you can use it to reduce the costs of your holiday. A lot of top providers offer perks where you can collect points that can be redeemed to lower the cost of flights. All you have to do is use your credit card regularly to accumulate these points. So, let’s say you start today and plan for a holiday next year. Use your card daily for little things, and you can earn loads of points to cash in and make huge savings.

Consider A Loan

The concept of a loan may sound scary because they put you in debt. The way I see it, using a loan to pay for your holiday is a good kind of debt. You get something out of it, and it will help you avoid going broke. It mentions on unsecuredpersonal.loans that you can find unsecured loans to pay for a holiday. This is a loan with no collateral secured against you, which makes it very low-risk. The benefit of a loan is that you can split your holiday payment out over a few months instead of a day. It’s unlikely you can afford to fork out over a thousand dollars for flights and accommodation all at once, but you should be able to afford it over a longer period. A loan allows you to do this, taking the stress out of your finances, and avoiding a no balance situation.

Always Book In Advance

My advice is to always book your flights as soon as they become available. Register with various airline companies and they send emails when certain flights are on sale. For example, I recently got an email saying Summer 2018 flights are now available. The earlier you book, the more you will save. This is why you must plan in advance instead of taking spontaneous trips.

Travel With Someone Else

Traveling alone is very expensive, which is why you should try and travel with someone else. Two people means one hotel room costs half the price as you’re splitting it. It’s such an easy way to make an expensive holiday half as costly.

See, there are ways of going on your dream holiday without ending up broke. Look for ways to save a lot of money, and consider finance options to help split the big costs up over a longer, more manageable, period.

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