Home Improvements: 8 Professionals You Need

by - 10/23/2017 11:42:00 PM

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When things go wrong in your house, it is important to know who to call in for help. We may be used to a society built around disposable goods, but you might be pleasantly surprised to finds tradespeople all around you who have a better idea of how to repair and revitalize your home without spending too much.

You might think that hiring someone in to fix things is a waste of money but think about the results you will be getting. A specialist tradesperson will be able to deliver high quality and long lasting results where you and an instructional video on the internet might stumble. Paying for craftsmanship and experience is always worth it. Especially when you consider how much more it could cost to rectify your mistakes.

From the electrician who can do everything from changing a light fitting to rewiring your entire house to the upholsterer who can take your sagging sofa and give it a new lease of life, here are the people who can help you to repair your way to perfection.


Playing with electricity is a really bad idea. Before you can do any further damage, it is well worth calling in an electrician to have a look. They will be able to advise you on how best to proceed with any problem you might have. For example, if you have a lamp you love but the switch doesn’t work anymore, that could be a quick fix. Alternatively, if your electricity keeps shorting, you may need to replace the wiring in your home which is definitely a job for a professional!

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When plumbing goes wrong it can quickly get out of hand but fortunately, a great plumber will be able to repair the issues causing indoor rain without needing to replace too much. It is always well worth keeping a few spare tiles just in case of disaster but you can always use colour matched tile filler for a cheaper fix. While your home’s sewer line may be out of sight, it should never be out of mind. Damage to your sewer line could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. That’s why every homeowner should know the signs and symptoms of a broken sewer lineA good plumber will also be able to fix rogue dishwashers and washing machines as well as heating appliances too. In fact, wherever there is water, a plumber will be able to lend their expertise!


When the cupboard doors are hanging off in the kitchen or the skirting boards are looking worse for wear, a joiner will really help you out. If you don’t have the patience for fixing a faulty hinge or regluing perfectly straight skirtings, it is well worth paying a joiner for their skills. A joiner will also be able to help with fixing furniture and replacing doors, floors and other structural components.


When your old couch is looking a bit tatty, it’s probably time to give it a new lease of life. An upholsterer will be able to replace the fabric with any colour or pattern you choose (as long as it is fire safe) and refill those sagging seat pads with new foam. It might sound like a lot of work when you could just go and buy a new one, but this way you will get exactly the sofa you have always loved with the colour and comfort you so desire. There are so many great design ideas out there, why would you not make your dreams happen?

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Small Repairs

It’s not just furniture and property that need repairing. Phones, laptops, small electricals and any number of other things will need a little extra care to extend their lifespans. These are all small projects that it shouldn’t take a professional too long to accomplish and will certainly be cheaper than replacing your technology full stop. Laptop repairs are certainly to be left with someone who knows exactly what they are doing and to avoid any disappointment make sure you back your files up regularly.


Painting and decorating is a lot of fun and once you have chosen your paint or wallpaper, it’s going to make a huge difference to your space. If you are happy to take the time to do it and have the knack for hanging wallpaper then that’s amazing but for the rest of us, a decorator will do a much better job. There is nothing worse than seeing a pattern that doesn’t quite match or an uneven paint finish so avoid the frustration and get a decorator to sort it for you.

Landscape designer

Your garden is really another room in your house: you can eat here, cook, relax and enjoy your outside space. There are all sorts of free garden planning tools you could use to figure out a layout and design for your space but you will still have to do all the backbreaking work to get the results you hope for. A better alternative might be to hire a landscape designer who can help you to draw up the plans for your horticultural haven and then put it together for you.

Car Mechanic

When your car is making a strange noise, turning up the radio so you can’t hear it isn’t the same as fixing it. Cars are so integral to our lives that keeping them in top condition is vital for smooth running. A car mechanic will be able to fix all sorts of problems for you but there are a few things you will be able to do yourself. For example, there are some methods for removing dents you could try without risking your paintwork.

Home improvements might feel like an endless list of tasks that need to be done, but with some help from specialist tradespeople, that list will shrink quite rapidly. Having a characterful home is all about making sure that all the things you love are around you, looking at their best. Making sure all your appliances and technologies work is a must for a calm life! While the internet certainly has rafts of instructions for DIY projects, letting someone else do the work will let you get on with other things like enjoying your space and planning the next project.

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