Medical Contacts You Can't Afford Not To Have In Your Phone

by - 10/18/2017 08:23:00 AM

Most of us spend our lives trying to avoid the idea of getting into some kind of medical emergency. And, to be honest, that's pretty understandable. After all, who wanted to think about the kinds of situations that you could end up in if your health deteriorates suddenly? However, as hard as it might be, it's incredibly important that you think carefully about those kinds of situations so that you're always prepared in case they actually happen. Sure, there's no need to spend all of your time thinking about them, but it's important to plan ahead. With that in mind, here are a few medical professionals you simply can't not afford to have saved in your phone.

Out of hours doctor

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One thing that a lot of people don't realize is that their doctor has an out of hours service. This is for the kinds of things that are outside normal office hours but aren't necessarily so serious that you require a trip to the emergency room. That way you can get checked over and receive the right treatment without having to wait all night for it. Of course, this isn't something that happens with every doctor so make sure that you check and if you're unsure, it's a good idea to head to the emergency room anyway.

Emergency dentist

People often forget about their dentist as an emergency service since most of us try to keep our visits to the dentist to a minimum. We go in for our check up, promise to start flossing more, and then leave. However, there are always issues that can creep up on you, and some of them can be pretty serious. If you're really suffering, it can be tough to wait around for an appointment that could be weeks away. Try to find an emergency dentist in your area and save their number. You'll be glad you did when your face is swollen up, and you're in huge amounts of pain.

Air ambulance

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There are few things scarier than the idea of having some kind of medical emergency while stranded miles from your home. If you're on vacation or you're simply out and about, it can be incredibly tough to find a way to deal with any kind of medical issue. That's where services like AirEvac come in. They are able to offer medical transport with fantastic facilities for anyone struggling to deal with an illness or injury while away from home. This is one number that you'll probably hope that you never have to use, but you'll be incredibly grateful that you have it if the time comes that you do.

As I said, you don't need to spend all of your time panicking about the idea of these kinds of things happening. The truth is that the need for these numbers is pretty unlikely and you'll probably spend most of your time forgetting that they're even their. However, it's always good to have them around in the event that you need them, however unlikely it may be.

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