Holiday Home Security: Issues & Solutions

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There are many benefits to a holiday home. You will always know that your holiday accommodation is going to be just how you like it; you can go away more often as you don’t have to pay to stay in a hotel; and you have the option of renting the house out while you’re not there -- an attractive money-spinner should you choose to utilize it.

However, it would be naive to expect that owning a holiday home would be trouble-free. While the issues that can arise from holiday homes shouldn’t stop you from investing in them, you do need to plan ahead and think about how you’re going to cope with the potential problems. Handily, some of that has been done for you; here’s a guide to the most common issues -- and the solutions.

ISSUE: Unoccupied For Long Periods Of Time

One of the major issues with a holiday home is that you can’t be there all the time -- no matter how much you might want to be!

SOLUTION: A variety of different solutions help to address this issue.

Good Security

When it comes to security for your holiday home, you’re going to need the best. Peruse advice on and be sure you’re fully furnished with all the facts before buying. You’re going to be relying on this security system to be your eyes and ears when you’re not there; make sure it’s up to the job.

A Relationship With Neighbors

Introduce yourself to the neighbors near your holiday home and ask if they will keep an eye on the property when you’re not there. Technology is useful, but having human eyes on your house will be beneficial too.

Timed Electronics

Invest in timers that can control the lights of your holiday home being switched on and off, giving the impression to anyone monitoring the house that there is someone home -- even when you’re hundreds of miles away.


ISSUE: A Holiday Home Still Needs Maintaining

When you’re on holiday, the idea of having to settle down to maintenance tasks is… unwelcome. You want to be able to kick back and relax. So how can you prevent your holidays from becoming another long list of chores you have to work through?

SOLUTION: Employ an occasional maintenance person to go and check the property, carrying out work as and when necessary. This is an expense, yes, but you will still be making a saving on not needing to pay hotel costs every time you want to go on holiday.


ISSUE: Problem Tenants

If you decide to let your holiday home out while you’re not there, then there is always the risk of problematic tenants who cause damage. How can you cope with this?

SOLUTION: Managed Lettings

The likes of are part of the mainstream now, giving everyone the chance to let properties out for short-term lets with relatively little hassle. However, there’s next to no help to be had from these services if a tenant misbehaves; they rarely accept any responsibility. On the contrary, managed lettings might not make you the most money, but you will have some recourse if there’s an issue. Contact local agents and see how they might be able to help you.

While a holiday home is not without its problems, at least you should now have a decent idea of the techniques you can use to combat them.

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