Chasing Your Dreams No Matter What

by - 10/26/2017 07:59:00 AM

We all grow up being asked the same question: what do you want to be when you’re older? Some people know from the get-go, and others take half their lies to figure it out - and that’s okay. But the fact of the matter is that even if you know what you want to do, getting into that job isn’t an easy thing, and for some people, their dream job is in an industry that is nearly impossible to break into. Here are some of the hardest industries to get a job in, and some advice that will hopefully help you to get there.


The journalistic world is almost at cut-throat as old Hollywood movies make it out to be. And for aspiring journalists, it can be a one in a million chance of getting that big break. You need to get as much experience as you can behind you in terms of writing. Use a blog to write article-like blogs and build up a readership.


Getting published as a novelist is ridiculously hard - look at how often J K Rowling was rejected before someone said yes. Becoming a novelist is part luck and part perseverance, If you want to be a writer, don’t stop writing. As soon as you’ve sent off one manuscript, start on the next one. Try different avenues, including self-publishing, and enter into as many competitions as you can through sites like


The music industry is more like a lottery these days, with shows like the X Factor dominating the pop charts. You get so many acts becoming one-hit wonders and disappearing into the background again. Explore your options as a musician, no gig is too small, and now radio show is too early in the morning.


We’ve all seen the image of a struggling artist - and where most of the professions on this list fall under the ‘art industry’ umbrella, an artist has one of the trickiest jobs. You can spend a year creating a painting that no one else understands or even likes. As an artist, you need to keep going, try different mediums and take any opportunity you can.


The fashion industry has been dominated by the same names for the past century - which is why it’s such a hard industry to break into. Haute Couture has stayed within the domain of certain families for decades, and have yet to let anyone new into their ranks. Street fashion, however, has a much more inclusive feel. In fashion, you might need to start by creating something other than couture clothing, and try and work up to it - if you can.


As we’ve seen in recent news, being an actor isn’t all glitz and glam. And further, then that it’s one of the hardest jobs to get and be successful at. You need to audition for everything, use sites like to find some, and get an agent to help you progress your career.

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