Thinking About Retiring to the Beach? Here's Why You Should Go For It!

by - 10/11/2017 08:40:00 PM


Spending your retirement years living at the beach could be a wonderful thing. Imagine waking up to gorgeous views, enjoying your morning coffee looking out on the sea and spending your days walking along the soft sands. Yet, while it’s a dream for many people, it’s one few of us ever realize. Moving away from family, friends and the life we are used to is intimidating after all and selling a house is always tough. But, if you’re tempted, here are a few of the reasons you should go for it.

You’ll Get More Exercise


When you live in the city, where everything is so close, and life is all about convenience and speed, there’s no need to walk anywhere, and certainly no pleasure in doing so when everything is so overcrowded and busy. Move to the beach, and you’ll start enjoying gentle strolls in the morning sun. The weather always seems a bit better near the beach too, so you’ll want to spend more time outside.

To Reconnect with Nature

Nature is a wondrous thing. The world is absolutely packed with natural beauty and wonder. But, how often do you notice it? Reconnecting with nature is an excellent way to put your own problems into perspective and see the big picture.

To Try Hobbies

Buying real estate at the beach will give you plenty of chance to try new hobbies such as diving, beach sports, painting, and hiking. There’s always so much going on near the beach, and the communities are friendly and interesting. If you’re considering retirement, you’ll have lots of time to fill after all.

You’ll Meet New People

As an adult, it’s often hard to meet new people, and one thing that worries us about retirement is isolation. Once you stop seeing your work friends every day, who will you speak to? Beach communities are lovely. You’ll meet loads of new people and find yourself getting involved with social events and making new friends in no time.

To Expand Your Diet

Beach locations always offer amazing food. Fresh fish and other seafood can be exceptionally good for you. Living at the beach, away from the hustle and bustle also gives you time to cook and prepare foods for yourself, without having to resort to fast, unhealthy meals all of the time.

The World’s A Lot Smaller Than It Used to Be

You may worry about leaving your family behind. But, the internet, social media and video calling mean the world is a lot smaller than it used to be. You can keep up with what they’re doing on Facebook and have chats on skype that will be like being in the same room. You might even talk more.

More Family Visits

While you may not be able to pop around for a cup of coffee anymore, you can have them out to stay with you. The time you do spend together will be full of laughter and fun which will make them want to visit much more often.

Living by the beach can enrich your life in many ways. Once you stop being tied down by work commitments and responsibilities, there’s really nothing to stop you.

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