Kids Copy What They See: Show Them Your Best Side

by - 10/10/2017 10:23:00 AM

Life is stressful; there’s no denying it. In fact, for most adults, life’s pace is so demanding that collapsing on the sofa with a glass of something refreshing often seems like the most appealing way of spending the weekend. l Except that it doesn’t send the right image to your kids. Children who grow up to witness their parents struggle with stress every week and let go via a weekend of binge TV watching and eating, have a distorted vision of stress management and priorities in life. Instead, you need to make the most of your weekend to teach them positive habits. Relaxing is not only about turning into a couch potato. It’s about connecting.

Be active together
A lot of adults have chosen to embrace a sports activity to release stress and pressure. Instead of logging your performance at the gym every evening, you could exercise with your child. You will need to pick children-friendly activities, but thankfully children are happy with anything that doesn’t involve strength. So you could go swimming together, or if they don’t feel confident, maybe sign them up for a swim school first. You’ll enjoy the soothing presence of the water and the opportunity to bond with your child. Is swimming not your thing? How about yoga? Most children are happy to follow your lead for movements that promote flexibility and self-control. They may find it calming too!

DIY together as a weekend treat
Being creative can help you to relax and forget about your stressful week. Painting or writing are great things to do if you’re on your own. But with children, you can try your hand at cake recipes together. There isn’t a child on the planet who doesn’t love the idea of baking something sweet! Besides, they’re learning an essential skill in life: Knowing their way in the kitchen.

Control your temper in front of them
Sometimes it’s not really how stressful a situation is but how you react to it. Too many people struggle with anger management. Shouting, swearing or expressing violent behaviors in front of your children is a sure way of training them to do the same later. And that’s not something you want for them. So instead, remember that the neurological answer to anger only lasts for two seconds. So thinking before you speak can make a great deal of difference. This will teach your child to react better to stress.

Laugh together
The best response to stress is to laugh it off. While it might sound silly, laughter actually increases blood flow and oxygenation to trigger the release of endorphins. So when you laugh, you feel happier. Sharing a joke with your child can help them to develop their sense of humor and to rely on it as a response to stressful and difficult situations. Besides, laughing can help you to combat depression and even pain. So it’s a great trick to show your kids when things don’t seem to go the way you want them to.  

How you deal with stress doesn’t only impact on your well-being, but it also teaches your children a lesson for life. Make it count by showing them the best way to be.

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