The Baby Is Here: Preparing Yourself and Your Home

by - 10/09/2017 09:09:00 PM

Regardless of how well you are putting up with it, pregnancy, especially the first one is a period of bliss in your life. There is no other physical state or state of mind quite the same. Whether you will undergo a natural birth or caesarian birth, choosing between an immediate cord clamping or delayed cord clamping practice. Apart from the overwhelming joy, there is also an overwhelming feeling of not knowing what to expect. A baby is a life-changer as well as a lifestyle-changer so you need to cover a couple of things in order to make the impact of your baby’s arrival smoother.

Find support

Your husband will never know exactly how you feel and you will be experiencing two different types of excitement, but try to have him understand the things which are important to you at this time. He loves you and he will respect your wishes even if he does not understand them (half the time, you won’t be able to understand them either). Which friends or family members will be able to assist you when you come from the hospital? Observe their attitudes toward the situation you are in and see who is most likely to be helpful and not be in your way. Do you have any friends with children? If you do, consult them about the things you need, there is so much more apart from the crib and the stroller.

Stock up on food

If you are not lucky enough to have someone help you with the household once the baby arrives or you simply don’t feel like having anyone around, stocking up on food is a great idea and something most women fail to do. With some things, it is never too early. Cook and prepare healthy meals you can freeze and leave for when you are fresh out of the hospital and don’t have time for cooking. Fill up the pantry, think healthy. No need to get fresh vegetables as they will rot by the time you get to them, get canned fruits and veggies, nuts, oats etc…

Enjoy the nesting

The so-called ‘nesting’ is a normal part of pregnancy behavior. While expecting, a woman is trying to prepare the home for the baby to come. This is the perfect opportunity to clear out the things you haven’t used in years. If you become too emotional about certain things, you can find supercheap storage units and store your belongings there. No matter how small babies are, their things just take up too much space so you will probably have to store away some pieces of furniture, especially if you need to clear an entire room for the baby. Don’t stress out and enjoy the cleaning. Please remember to take regular brakes and be careful with cleaning products. My suggestion to you would be to hire a cleaning lady for washing, dusting, and moping once you are done clearing and rearranging rooms.

Create a cozy place for the baby to sleep

There are several different opinions about where a baby should sleep. A baby can have its own room next to your bedroom so you can get there quickly and you are sure you can hear the baby and it can hear you.  Another option is to keep the baby cot in the bedroom and have the baby sleep in the same room with you, so it can be able to see you and feel you. Health professionals nowadays warn people against newborns sharing a bed with their parents out of safety reasons. You need to decide which one suits you the best and what it is you are willing to give up and what you want to keep.

Stock up on baby things

Make a list of all the little things you need for your baby, namely clothes, toiletries, diapers etc. This is what you have been discussing with your friend from the first paragraph, have everything enough to last you for at least two months to keep you worry-free. If you are nursing your baby, your greatest expense will be diapers, and if you are not, you can add baby formula to it. Use the last couple of months to slowly create stocks of diapers, babies use a lot of them and this way you don’t have to get them all out of a single paycheck.

Your new family member will be a handful. Have everything ready prior to its arrival to make your life easier and you will soon accept the change into your life and only be able to feel the joy. Pack your hospital bag, charge your phone and wait for the baby to call.

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