4 Features To Look For In A Dashcam

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Car owners know that having a Dashcam is very convenient mainly because of three main things. For one, it records the surroundings of the car even when in the parking, so for safety reasons, you are assured of getting the footage in case anything goes wrong. In case of accidents, Dashcam footage may be used to review the accident cause and free you from any wrongdoing. Again, this footage can be used to prevent fraudulent claims from people who may want to extort money from you when an accident occurs. In order to choose the best dashcam, check out Vdashcam charts and reviews. A simple guideline below on important features of a Dashcam will help you identify the best Dashcam.
Here are 4 Features to look for in a dashcam:
1. Video quality
A good dashcam should have high video and audio quality so that in case the video footage is reviewed, clear details are available. This is especially so if the review is done by insurance for accident claims. You should go for high definition cameras with a high resolution. Before buying the dashcam, watch videos shot at different conditions in order to be sure that the camera can take footage in dark, bright or rainy conditions.
2. Reliability and storage space
Reliability of a dashcam will depend on the size of the camera and available features.it is important to check reviews of a dashcam first to identify if its reliable or not. Usually, a dash cam has auto start features and will also auto shut. They are usually installed strategically to capture video footage and it is advisable to go for bigger cameras that have more features and space. An ideal storage capacity for a dashcam should be 32GB. This way, recording of around six to twelve hours is possible. You may also add memory cards if more space is required. Remember to opt for high-quality memory cards so that you get a clear and high-quality video output.
3. GPS
This is one of the advanced features you should watch out for when buying a dashcam. If a camera has GPS feature, the speed and location details are also captured. This way, the footage captured has more details and therefore in case of accident claims or insurance claims, this can act as evidence. Apart from that, with a GPS camera, navigation becomes easier for the driver since you can get directions and instructions to your destination especially if you are traveling to a new location.
4. Mounting options
Opt for cameras that are easier to install and ones that use suction cups since they are easier to install and remove. You may also reposition them at any time. On the other hand, adhesive mounts look better but they have one major disadvantage. They cannot be repositioned case need be. You should, therefore, opt for a bulk suction cup mount if you prefer a flexible camera that can be repositioned anytime.
A dashcam is an important car accessory. Whether you own a personal car or a fleet of commercial vehicles, it is a good idea to install a dashcam. Footage captured on such cameras can save you a lot in terms of cash and credibility when caught up in an unpleasant situation.

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