Where Can You Learn Typing?

by - 5/14/2018 11:02:00 PM

Typing these days remains one of those important skills that a person needs to be conversant with. While many people out there may be conversant with typing, the rate at which a person can type per minute differs from one person to the next. It worries many people out there how they can be able to improve their words per minute typing speed to make them better typists. Fortunately, there are numerous resources on the internet that are designed to teach people typing and also how to increase typing speeds. This article takes you through the online platforms where you can learn typing including how you can increase your typing speed as well.

Of course, the internet is a great resource for all typing games that will help you get started with typing. There are so many websites on the internet that have multiple typing games that can both you and your child started in typing. The key to mastering a new skill, however, is starting from the basics. Like with typing, for instance, it may important that you first learn about your finger placement on the keyboard. Without this, perhaps you may never master the art of speed typing as far as it is concerned.

Below is a sample of some great websites that you and your child can easily go to learn typing easily.

Custom typing; this is one of the best online typing resources that will get you started with typing. This online typing lesson will teach you about proper finger placement on the keyboard. Without proper finger placement on the keyboard, it may be difficult for anybody to get on with speed typing. You will like the fact that the finger placement page in this game is so interactive and you will be able to clearly see the exact fingers that should press each key. With this online resource, you definitely learn about proper finger placement on the keyboard the easy way.

Fun to Type; this is another good online typing resource that features a variety of typing games that are fun and will help you and your kid master typing. The good thing about this site is that it features typing games that are nicely designed. With daily practice on this site, you and your child will be able to develop more typing skills and get better every day.

Dance Mat typing; this is a great typing game/program for kids that will help take your kid’s typing skills to a new level. The game can be used by kids of different ages and while it is designed for learning it is full of fun too. It teaches typing to the kids with characters that are animated and also features lessons are in fact games. The game is designed and produced by the BBC and actually it currently popular with parents who are keen on teaching their kids' typing.

Kidstyping.org; this is another good site that has got a number of kids typing games that will help take your kid’s typing skills to a new level. Some kids typing games you will find on this site include; dance mat typing, key-man, keyboard climber 2, typing of the ghosts, and type type revolution. 

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