Creating Your Own Way In A Shrinking Job Market

by - 5/01/2018 07:54:00 PM

Right now, the job market seems to be in constant state of flux. Though some jobs are opening up, more are closing, and more employees are turning to temporary contracts instead of permanent employment opportunities. It’s an unreliable time for workers, which means it might be time to stop relying on employers and create your own way instead.

Getting online
There are more and more opportunities to make money online that are opening up. A great number of these opportunities are temporary or freelancing contracts from larger companies. But if you want to really sustain yourself in the long-run, you need to think about creating your own source of income. The blog can be one such tool. Making money through blogging isn’t easy. You have to work to keep building a readership and a brand that continuously pulls visitors. But whether through affiliates programs or by creating and selling resources like eBooks, it is far from impossible.
Making your trade
Investing and market trading is often considered as a way to build personal wealth outside of your job, but if you’re willing to accept the risk and to put in the time, it can become a full-time endeavor. Look at platforms like CMC Markets that can help you get access to CFDs, Forex trading, and more. Start using demo accounts to get used to trading and do your own learning on strategies that work for the different markets. You could stand to gain a lot through investing, but again, always be aware of the inherent risk and learn how to manage it.
Starting your own gig
As well as starting a blog, there’s no denying that you can start your own business. Freelancing online can earn you money, but by creating a business to work from, you are also creating a brand name that grows as you work for more clients and build a bigger body of work. Take a look at some of the top freelancing websites out there and look at the kinds of work you would be able to do for companies. Rather than freelancing solely through those sites, start building your own company website and your own brand.
Find the gaps in the market
Rather than looking just at what jobs you can currently do, it’s always worth looking at the most lucrative self-starting careers on the market at the moment. Think about which of them you would be willing to start developing a career in. It might involve going back to school or finding an internship, but you want to aim at learning the most marketable skills like website development, tutoring, or professional photography. Fit yourself to the market instead of trying to fit the market to the skills you already have.
There’s risk inherent in trying to become entirely self-sustaining. It takes patience, effort, and plenty of education to get there. Make sure you’re willing to put the hours in or you could get stuck without a job, merely subsisting on your earnings rather than thriving.

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