5 Ways a Clean House Can Improve Your Thinking

by - 5/08/2018 12:13:00 AM

Having a clean house does more than give-off a great appearance. Scientific evidence suggests that a clean house may even have an effect on your well-being. This research indicates that a clean house can be associated with focus, concentration, and relaxation, while a disorderly house can be linked to stress and anxiety. Read-on to find out all the ways having a clean house and decluttering your life can benefit your mental health.

 1. It Makes You Eat Right
Believe it or not, research suggests that order and cleanliness influence better lifestyle choices. When your house is clean, you are better equipped with the proper tools to eat healthy, exercise your body, and unwind as you should. Less clutter on the counters makes preparing meals less stressful and a clean refrigerator makes room for fresh, healthier choices, for example. People with clean houses typically eat healthier, which in turn boosts your energy, focus, concentration, and critical thinking. The proper diet benefits both your mental and physical well-being, which rely on each other for balance.

 2. It Lets You Have More Quality-Time
It is too often that a person cannot spend time doing the things they love because of the state of their house. People who do not keep up with cleaning and organization are more anxious and stressed. Not only does that put you in the unfortunate state-of-mind for seclusion, but you don't have the time to unwind and do things that make you happy. With a clean house using a vacuum cleaner for pet hair, you would have more time to play with pets, spend time with family, or participate in your favorite hobby, for instance. All of these things help keep you mentally-happy and healthy. Some of the best vacuum cleaners are reviewed right here on 10machines.com.

 3. You'll Sleep Better
When a house is untidy, it can cause stress and anxiety. It should be no surprise that going to bed with a dirty house means you take that stress with you to bed. If you are anxious when you go to sleep, your mind cannot rest. If your mind cannot rest and it spends too much time being stressed, you will not get a good night's rest. People who do not get the proper amount of restful sleep each night are prone to memory, concentration, and focus issues, as well as depression-related concerns. On the other hand, clean, organized people tend to be more productive, less-anxious, and better able to concentrate.

 4. It Makes You More Productive
If you're like most people, the more productive you feel, the happier you feel. People with clean and uncluttered houses tend to be more productive because their surroundings, as well as behaviors, are better-organized. Organization helps decrease distraction and increase your focus. A properly-cleaned home or work-area makes you more efficient throughout the day and less stressed about what you couldn't get accomplished.

 5. Your Brain and Body Crave It
There is a reason why cleanliness is associated with happiness and positive thinking. The human body is comprised of thousands and thousands of various systems that all operate in an organized manner. On an atomic level, our brains and bodies crave neatness as a requirement for our health, as that organization opposes the chaos that our brains deem unhealthy. This is why people whom act and look healthy are generally clean, organized people.

As you can see, there are a plethora of advantages to having a clean house. Keeping your house clean can improve your focus, thinking, and ability and to de-stress. You'll be happier, healthier, and better able to enjoy all the things about your life that truly matter. If you think your house-cleaning routines could benefit from a change, your entire body will thank you; from head-to-toe.

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