4 Ways to Appreciate Your Staff Members

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It is a known fact that showing gratitude to your employees motivates them to work even harder. Not only do they work harder, but also stay committed to your company. Research reveals that appreciation makes employees happy in their workplace. What more could anyone look for if not happiness?
Employees get motivated to improve the quality of their work when they feel appreciated. Appreciate your employees to enhance productivity as they will be striving to do their best.
Provide your staff with an ethical work environment. When your staff works under a conducive climate, they will not leave your company searching for other jobs. In the end, you will retain your best employees, especially those responsible for driving your company’s growth.
Top 4 Ways to Motivate Your Employees
1. Thank Your Employees
Say thank you as often as you can. Courteous words such as ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are at times ignored in the workplace. Ensure you thank your employees more often even if you feel it is insignificant. You can write ‘thank you’ notes to them for everything done well.
If your company is environmentally conscious, you can use e-cards that allow your employees to choose a gift they like. Saying thank you more often will also make the employees to appreciate each other.
Saying thank you creates a pleasant environment in the workplace. In addition, it improves the peaceful coexistence among staff and reduces stress among them.
2. Give Your Staff a Treat
Treat your employees occasionally to increase their productivity and staff engagement. Reward your staff with e-points they can redeem in shops online from a variety of shops. Many employees enjoy unexpected treats such as simple snacks, dinner or even lunch.
Other employees would enjoy happy hours or any company sponsored social event such as a holiday party. It’s not always just money or increase in salaries that can motivate your staff. The cost effective activities show employees you value them and in return they’ll work for you for the longest time possible.
3. Provide Career Opportunities
Most employees feel appreciated if you give them an opportunity to advance in their careers. Provide training, cross training or even give them an opportunity to study part time. They’ll genuinely appreciate and get motivated to work harder.
Develop a rewards plan for good performance. Don’t just reward your employees at the top management, but also those at the lower level. Give them an opportunity to be involved in decision making. This will boost their confidence and can help you solve some company issues.
4. Give Praise for a Job Well Done
Just saying ‘well done’ is not enough. Your staff will feel appreciated if you personally thank them and mention the exact thing they have done. Ensure you liaise with top management to develop a strategy of identifying specific activity that’s done aswell. In the end, you’ll boost productivity as employees know what exactly to improve on.
Additionally, get to know your employees personally to present them with gifts. This will give them a sense of belonging to the company. Cards such as birthday cards or anniversary cards can really motivate your employees. A message of condolence when they are bereaved is also a form of appreciation.
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