Hidden Home Dangers That Could Cause Disaster

by - 5/05/2018 04:46:00 AM


The safety of our home is something that is paramount to most householders, whether we rent or have bought a place of our own. In fact, we spend a significant amount of money reinforcing the security of our homes and preventing danger entering from the outside. Sadly, this is not the only source of risk, and there are plenty of things inside that can cause disaster as well. Read on to find out what they are and how to stop them becoming a problem in your home.

Uneven floors

Uneven floors aren't always visible straight away, but they are a hidden danger present in many homes. Such flooring is problematic as it can present a trip and fall hazard to residents, especially if they are elderly or have issues with mobility. Uneven flooring is also dangerous because it provides a surface that is not flat on which to stand furniture. Something that makes it a lot less stable and a lot more susceptible to falling over and causing an accident.

To resolve the issue of uneven flooring, you need first to identify the reason behind it. It may be that your house is old and that the walls have moved over time, placing additional stress on the floor. If this is the case, it is often necessary to replace the section or the entire floor to resolve the problem.

However, if the uneven flooring is more localized, it may be possible only to replace the area that is affected. This is usually the case if the problem is caused by a poor installation job or a cracked tile due to something heavy being dropped on it.


Another danger that can be hidden within the home is a pest infestation. Pests are bugs or rodents that you do want to share your living space with because they can spread disease, and cause damage to the structure of your house. 

Particular pests that can be destructive are termites, as they have been known to cause hundreds of dollar of damage to a home, and well as eat through its structure. Something that makes termite protection a vital consideration for anyone living in an area in which these pests are located. Such areas include much of USA and Australia, as well as the African continent.

Of course, there are some actions you can take to prevent infestation by other sorts of pests as well. Read the post here to find out my about this.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous gas. If breathed in, in significant quantities it replaces the oxygen molecule in the blood and can cause asphyxiation.

It is a hidden danger because the gas itself is transparent, although still regularly used in appliances such as heaters, fires, and cookers. Something that means if one of these appliances is faulty or leaking there's a leak it can be disastrous for your home and family.

With that in mind, it is essential to have a carbon monoxide detector in the home, as there is no other way to know that a leak is occurring. Also keeping your appliances in excellent condition and getting them checked regularly by a qualified technician is a must, although this alone will not completely protect you and your family from the risks of this gas.

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