5 Tips to Learning How to Play the Guitar

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Beginners need patience and lots of practice to play the guitar. Playing the guitar is not as simple as switching from one wind instrument to another. If you previously could play a recorder and other wind musical instruments, switching to the guitar may pose a challenge. However, with practice and great tips, you can learn to play the guitar.
Many books and apps available on playing the guitar can help you master the art of playing this wind instrument. Many websites also provide information and strategies on how you can learn the basics, do things right, and above all, develop the patience it takes to play the instrument.
Regardless of the type of music the pros play, one thing they have in common is the good technique of playing the guitar. Evidently, they take basic requirements for playing the guitar seriously. Here are the top 5 tips to learning how to play the guitar with a good technique:
Top 5 Tips to Help Hone Your Guitar Playing Skills
1. Avoid the Death Grip
If you are right-handed, the death grip is most likely to be felt on your left hand. The first time you play a guitar, your wrists and fingers might ache. Pressing the strings on the fret board for the first time isn’t easy. Hook your thumb over the top of the board to leverage your fingers and wrists naturally, preventing aches.
Press the strings at the finger print position using your fingers, but not fingerprints because it produces the death grip. Place your thumb at the back of the guitar’s neck to use the tip of your fingers to play more accurately from a suitable grip position. Although it’ll seem a bit difficult at first, you will get used to it.
2. Use the Correct Fingering
Guitar specialists have figured out, over many years, the fingers suitable for producing different notes. It means that certain notes on the fret board are meant for certain fingers. Using the right fingering is not only about playing the right chords, but also a way to bring out variations in your notes.
3. Stand Up and Sit Down while Rehearsing

Place the guitar slung across your shoulder to change your posture. Stand up while playing if it is your dream to stand in front of an audience one day. If seated, avoid the temptation to watch your hands or fingers while playing the guitar. When playing the guitar while standing, it is not easy to see your left hand.
Therefore, if you tend to look at your fingers while playing the guitar, you might find it hard to play it while standing. Adjust your guitar strip to a good angle for playing. Slinging it down to your knees seems good, but is not a good position to play.
4. Do not Speed
If you want to master playing the guitar with a good technique, slow down. Don't frustrate yourself playing faster like others. Mastering the good playing technique is about learning the right notes and mastering difficult chords.
5. Practice More Often
It takes lots of practice to develop guitar-playing skills. The more you spare time to play the guitar, the more you learn to play the wind instrument. Practicing with your mind and fingers is the key to learning the good technique of playing a guitar and becoming a professional.
Set short term goals for your modern & computer based guitar lessons online. Be disciplined with your practice, particularly when you start losing focus or becoming lazy. Even just 10 minutes a day of practice, you can learn what it takes to play the guitar like a pro.
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