5 Ways to Boost Your Blog's Income

by - 8/18/2017 09:51:00 PM


Did you set up blogs with the hope that you’d be able to make enough money to quit your job only to find it impossible to make any kind of income from your writing at all? You’re not alone. A high number of bloggers end up throwing in the towel before they make any real money online at all. The good news is that you don’t have to be one of them!

Here are some solid ways to turn your blog into a real success and boost your online income right now:

Create More Content

If you’re making very little money from your blog, could it be because you simply don’t post enough content? If you aren’t adding new stuff to your blog at least twice a week, then you aren’t likely to be getting enough clicks to actually give you an income, So, before you do anything else, make it a priority to start writing more.

Improve your Grammar and Writing Skills

If you write content that is filled with grammatical errors or if you make videos in a language you haven’t quite gotten to grips with, it will be a lot harder for you to persuade people to engage with your content and buy stuff for you. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to take a few basic writing and grammar classes, especially if English isn’t your first language. You can do this at your convenience online using resources like the Effortless English site and Alison, and it will help you to create the kind of content that really does convert.

Choose the Right Affiliates

If you’re trying to make money by advertising affiliates products and services (which can be one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online) you need to ensure that you’re choosing products that appeal to your readers. There’s no point advertising cameras when you blog about makeup or diet pills when you blog about natural whole foods. You need to perfectly match your affiliates with the content of your website if you want those commissions to roll in.

Sell Your Own Products

Not even niche supports affiliate sales, but if you can build up a good following for your blog and you have lots of return visitors who love your stuff, you might be able to boost your online income by selling your own eBooks or creating physical products related to your niche. Your loyal followers will snap them up, and you’ll be making more money than you ever have before online.

Sell Your Services

Your blog is the perfect place to sell your services. If people are reading your blog, chances are they like what you do, and some of them may be willing to hire you to write content for them, set up their blog or consult them on making money online. In order to facilitate this, it is a good idea to have a ‘Hire Me’ button in a prominent place on your website. You’d be surprised by how much interest you get!

Incorporate one or more of these ideas into your blog, and you’ll be making more money in no time!

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