Beauty Essentials To Pack When You Travel For A Long Time

by - 8/01/2017 10:54:00 PM

No matter where you are traveling, sometimes you just want to give the beautifying yourself routine a rest. Reasons for that may be of an individual nature, but sometimes this is dictated by the nature of the travel itself – maybe the dynamics of your trip is such that it doesn't allow you much time to dedicate yourself to making yourself look beautiful.
Whatever the reason, this does not mean you have to look ugly. You don't – we are going to present essentials which don't take up too much space in your suitcase, and which don't take too much of your time.

Face mask

A face mask will make you instantly feel refreshed, and it will make your skin look younger and less tired, and that's what you want, especially if the trip you are having is physically strenuous. This product doesn't take up too much space in your suitcase, and it can do wonders. Moreover, they come in various sizes.

Sun cream

Besides the fact that sun cream takes care of your health, it also makes your skin looks more beautiful. We all know that a healthy skin is a beautiful skin and vice versa. With sun cream you will avoid skin damages, dryness, and hardness.

Body oil

Although sun creams take good care of your skin, it doesn't hurt to bring a body oil along just to make sure your skin gets the best treatment. This is especially important if the trip you are taking is a summer trip. It makes your skin look smooth, healthy and shiny.

Lip balm

Lips are a sensitive part of your body and thus need special attention. You can use other products listed here to take care of your lips, but lip balms are specially designed to do this task, so it's advisable to bring it along. It's typically a very small product; you can literally put it in your pocket if your suitcase is too full.


If you don't want to bring BB cream along, you can always pack up the best collagen moisturizer. Its purpose is to provide hydration to your skin, which will make it look young and fresh. This is very important, because no matter where you travel to and what you do, traveling will suck the hydration from your skin and make it look dry and tired.
Make sure you pack some sort of a moisturizing cream since it's essential for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.

Essential make –up kit

This one is tricky because it depends on what you consider essential. But there are certain things you can use to make yourself beautiful, which you will be able to apply to your face quickly. Powder, blush, and mascara could be broadly considered as essential because they just enhance your natural look. Have those lashes ready with grandelash-md for a full, amazing lashes. You can also use BB cream instead of a powder, but if you decided to bring a simple moisturizer along, then pack a powder instead.

Face wash

The roughness on your face that typically appears during or after a strenuous trip can be washed away immediately by a face wash. If you are using makeup, a face wash is an absolute must. You can bring a liquid face wash or pack up wipes, but it's important to bring something along.

Manicure Kit

Unlike with skin care, the health of your nails won't be endangered if you don't take care of them for some time, but that will definitely affect their looks. Nails that are not taken care of are really not a pretty sight. Manicure kits don't have to be big; they come in small, travel – friendly packages and can be life savers.
There are, of course, a lot of other things you can put in your suitcase, but these would be essentials for taking care of your looks. They don't take too much space and don't require a lot of time. In return, you will make yourself beautiful and look as if you haven't experienced the stress of traveling at all.                


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