Beating Workplace Bullies

by - 8/03/2017 05:18:00 PM

Every single day, we trudge through the morning commute and head to work. Eight hours later, we exhaustedly do the same commute in reverse to get home and collapse. Rinse and repeat until the weekend and you have a working week. Work isn’t the most thrilling part of life for the average employee, but it is the part that gets you paid at the end of every month! Without it, you’d struggle to afford the rent and utilities, so it’s a necessary part of living.

When you are at work, are you aware of your rights? Did you know there are equality laws and health and safety laws and compliance laws – all designed to keep you safe and protected? Bullying in the workplace is now viewed as a more serious offense than anything and that means that any differences in the office have to be cared for properly. But what can you do if your employer is the one who is targeting you?
You probably haven’t thought about bullies since you were in elementary school. A lot of the time, people are not aware of how to deal with feeling vulnerable and targeted at work. It doesn’t really seem fathomable, does it? The fact is that one third of employees in the workplace have been, or will be, a victim of bullying at work. It’s worse when it’s your employer, as it can make you feel like you have no one to turn to. The thing is, bullying doesn’t just affect the feelings of the victim on the receiving end of it. The workplace environment can be greatly affected by bullying, with levels of productivity going down. So, how do you handle it?

The consequences of bullying should be immediately addressed. If you are the person feeling targeted and worried at work, you need to keep a record of the behaviour that is going on. Read the company handbook about the steps you can take against workplace bullies, from where to complain to, to the tribunal you can hold. If the bullying comes from your supervisor, then go to their supervisor to report it. Bullying can lead to stress, which leads to other health issues and can result in time off work. Employment solicitors can become involved if you have been effectively pushed out of your job because of the level of stress the bullying has placed upon you. Don’t be afraid of this; if you have done everything you can to report and stay away from the bully and it continues, then an investigation about what to do next and how it is affecting you is important!
You do not have to be a victim in the workplace. Work should be somewhere you can feel safe and calm while completing a job you’ve been trained to do. There’s no need to be afraid to stand up and speak for yourself; the laws are in place to protect you and is on your side.

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