Easy Swaps for a More Natural Home

by - 8/03/2017 09:13:00 PM

Making your home more natural is a noble pursuit. If you don't like the idea of too many harmful chemicals or using unsustainable products, there are nearly always more natural alternatives you can consider. It's easy to swap out some of your usual items for other choices and to stick to your new decisions too. From making your own beauty or cleaning products with natural ingredients to more eco-friendly products for your pets, there are many ideas you can use to create a more natural home. If you want to make some changes, try these ideas to replace the products you normally use at home.

Make Your Own Health and Beauty Products

Everyone has to keep clean, and many people wear makeup and style their hair too. These all require a range of products, from soap to hairspray. While these items might do the desired job, you might worry about using them. It could be because you have environmental concerns, but sometimes these products might be bad for you. If you want an alternative, it's easier than you might think to make your own products or to buy simple, natural products that work for you. For example, you can use brown sugar to make a face or body scrub that's much more eco-friendly than products that contain those tiny plastic beads.

Ditch Commercial Cleaning Products for Homemade

Just like you can have a go at making your own beauty products, it's also pretty easy to make your own cleaning products. There are lots of simple, natural ingredients that make good cleaning products on their own, such as lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar. Mixing up some ingredients will help you make new solutions too. Some people are wary of the chemicals that go into standard cleaning products, so making your own can help you avoid that. It could also be cheaper too, and it can help you out if you're in a bind and don't have your usual cleaning products at home.

Swap Air Fresheners for Essential Oils

Everyone likes their home to smell pleasant, so many people use air fresheners of different kinds. Some you can spray when you want, while others you might set on a timer. If you're a bit unsure about the usual air fresheners you use, you might want to try using essential oils instead. If you buy a diffuser from Earth and Soul, you can use natural oils to add calming fragrances to your home. Read about their products to find out about the natural materials they use and the way the diffusers operate. You can use them as humidifiers to keep the moisture in a room balanced too.

Use a More Natural Cat Litter

Got a cat? If you get a lot of cat litter, you might want to consider switching to a more sustainable product. There are several different types of cat litter made with various materials. Some of them are made from clay, some from wood, and some using recycled materials like cardboard. If you have other pets, like rabbits, you might also be able to discover some products with more eco-friendly options, such as bedding. You can end up going through a lot of these materials to keep your pet's living conditions clean, so it's worth thinking about making some natural swaps.

Replace Plastic Bottles

It's easy and convenient to buy plastic bottles full of your favorite drink or other substances. Although these plastic bottles can be recycled, resources are still required to make that happen. If you can ditch the plastic bottles, or at least reduce how many you buy, you could make your home more eco-friendly and natural. One option at home is to have glass bottles or jugs you can fill with your favorite drinks. If you're out and about or even just like to have a bottle to drink from at home, a metal or glass drinking bottle is a long-lasting option.

More Natural Pest Control

If your home has a problem with pests, using various treatments can often help you get rid of them. However, you might be reluctant to have them in your home, especially if you have pets or children around. If you want a safer alternative, there are often natural products you can use. A non-toxic fly paper and a fly swatter can help you deal with flies that are bothering you. Baking soda mixed with powdered sugar can help to get rid of cockroaches, and Borax is often recommended for a range of bugs too. Cedar chips or balls can help to keep moths away.

Make Sure Your Towels Are Reusable

Many people make use of paper towels at home, either to wipe down their kitchen or to dry their hands. While they're convenient, they aren't the most eco-friendly product. If you use them, swapping them out for something you can reuse is a better alternative. You can buy reusable towels made from bamboo, which you can use in the same way but reuse after washing. You should also make use of normal towels and cloths for cleaning and drying things, instead of relying on paper towels too much.

Solar Lights

Using electricity in your home not only means you have to pay your energy bills but could also get you thinking about the environment too. Renewable energy alternatives can be interesting to explore if you want a more natural home. You can consider solar lights for use both outdoors and indoors, although they're obviously used more often outdoors. However, if you have a sunny spot on a windowsill, it can be a great place for a small solar panel. This can help you run small lights like night lights that will help you see in the dark if you have to get up at night. If you're interested in using renewable energy more, you could also see if you can use a renewable energy provider or explore the home improvement options you might have.

It's easy to swap out some of the things you have in your home for more natural alternatives. If you want to make some changes, you just have to decide which ones to make.

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