Prolonging The Inevitable: The Money Tips Which Extend A Trip

by - 8/31/2017 07:49:00 PM

No matter how old you are or where you are traveling, you don’t want to come home. It is human nature to want to spend as much time in the Outback of Australia or the vineyards of southern France. However, most people think it is impossible because a budget only lasts a certain amount of time. Yes, it is true that no individual can travel forever. Still, it doesn’t mean you can’t prolong a journey of a lifetime with a few neat and thrifty hacks.

Below is how to prolong the inevitable the next time you travel.

Create A Budget

The first step is the simplest, yet creating a budget is something a lot of travelers fail to do. Don’t get me wrong – they know how much money they have to spend. But, the majority of us don’t know what we are going to spend it on, how much we have per day, and what the backup plan is. They might sound like obvious questions with clear answers, but it takes to research and effort to plan for the long-term. So, take the total amount and divide it by the number of days you plan on being away. That’s your daily budget. By figuring out the price of food, alcohol, etc. you can cut it down even further.

Lower Your Debt

Let’s face it; everyone has debts. While you are at home, paying off the minimum amount each month isn’t an issue because of a couple of dollars here or there is nothing. When you are traveling, a few bucks could be half of your daily budget. Therefore, it’s essential to lower your current debt expenses now to extend the trip. Debt consolidation is a great choice, as points out. By merging credit card debts into one, it reduces the monthly repayments. As such, the couple of dollars could become one or two bucks or even less.

Get A Job

Not to preach, but no one can travel the world for years on end without working. It has nothing to do with being a lazy bum because we can all agree that is the future! Nope, it is basic mathematics. When traveling, you dip into the funds every day and reduce the amount. Because you are not working, there isn’t a revenue stream to refresh the coffers. At some point, then, the money will run dry. Thankfully, casual work for travelers is available in almost every country. Even if working behind a bar doesn’t pay a wage, the pub will pay for your food. Also, a hostel will cover the cost of accommodation.

Go To Cheaper Countries

America, Europe, and Australia – they are on everyone’s bucket list. Sadly, they are three of the most expensive countries in the world. But, as shows, India and Sri Lanka are not. In fact, there are numerous places where the average budget for one day is under $15. So, if you went to India for three months, this would come to just over $1,000. That is cheap in anyone’s book, even a traveler’s!

To some people, money is no option. To a true traveler, money is everything.

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