Protecting Your Home Against Everyday Life

by - 8/10/2017 10:05:00 AM

Over time, your home and belongings can become damaged through simple wear and tear. This can become expensive to fix or replace. Even though wear and tear is bound to happen, there are ways of protecting your things to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Protecting your leather sofa from all aspects of life is easier than you think. Leather actually improves with age, so take care of it so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. This can be achieved by implementing a few simple things into everyday life.
  • Spraying a good quality protection spray onto your sofa every now and then to try and help protect it from scratches and stains will help prolong the life of your sofa.
  • Preventing animals from being allowed to sit on the sofa will reduce the amount of claw marks that appear. Unfortunately, leather is an amazing material for cats to claw at, so try to deter them from doing this by not allowing them on the sofa. Place their bed near so they can still be near you though.
  • Be aware of anything on your clothing that may damage or pierce your leather sofa when you sit down. Studded belts are a massive culprit for ruining leather. If you think your clothing may damage your sofa, sit on a blanket to stop this from happening.
  • If spills do occur on your sofa, be sure to clean it with special leather cleansing solution. Some chemicals may stain your sofa, so be careful what you use.
  • Another idea is to ban any feet to be put up on the couch. Consider buying a footrest that people can use if they want to put their feet up.


Preventing fading of your furnishings, walls and carpets now has a very simple solution, and the good news is, you can still have your curtains and blinds open with plenty of light being let in. Going for home window tinting will achieve all of this for you, all while reducing your energy bills, reducing glare in your home and looking stylish. Your belongings won’t suffer from the harmful rays of the sun, which in turn will prevent you from having to fork out for much longer than before.

Protecting your walls from spills and accidental marks is a great way of ensuring that you won’t have to constantly repaint your home. You can buy paint that is wipe-able, without removing any of the paint from the wall. They are typically used in rooms like your bathroom and kitchen. Nowadays though, every color is available for any room in the house. Consider doing this so that when those accidents do happen, you can simply wipe your walls and they will look as good as new.

Not using harsh chemicals on certain surfaces will protect the integrity of the material. For example, using a bleach based cleaner on your wooden table will eventually ruin the surface of it. Instead, if the table is in need of a clean, wipe the table clean with a soapy dishcloth, and then buffer the table with a rag and polish. This will not only make the table nice and shiny, it will also protect the wood. Another great way of protecting your surfaces is by using placemats, coasters and table cloths. These can prevent stains, burn marks, and also look good around the home.


Preventing children from jumping on couches, beds and chairs will dramatically improve the life of your furniture. Not only can jumping on furniture damage it’s material, but also is structural integrity. While it may be easy to shove a throw over your ripped sofa, it’s a little harder to fix a structural problem.

Removing shoes when in your home will increase the life of your carpet and flooring. Keeping shoes on in your home will not only tread dirt into the floor, but can sometimes damage the floor with scuff marks, and if you or someone else in your home wears heels, can even pierce or dent certain surfaces. Another bonus of removing shoes at the front door, is that you will always know where your shoes are, which will definitely make leaving the house that little bit easier! Using a steam cleaner on all of your flooring once every six months will also keep your flooring looking at it’s best.

Only eating at the dining table, or wherever you have designated to eat will protect the rest of your home from unnecessary food and drink stains. It’s much easier to wipe a table clean than scrub tomato sauce stains out of your plush cream carpet. Sitting together to eat at the table is also a great way of getting some quality family time in, so that’s a plus too.

Smoking outside will prevent your home from many bad things. The smell of your home will improve if smoking is banned inside of the house. That’s a massive plus because it will save you having to wash curtains, throws, bedding and other covers as regularly because they won’t smell of smoke. You will also prevent tobacco stains from forming anywhere in your home. They normally appear on the ceiling where the smoke rises and settles. Burns in any materials in your home will also be prevented too. Also, of course, smoking outside might deter you from the habit and improve your health.


Banning rough indoor games will stop any precious belongings from being broken through play. Make a rule that any games that involve throwing, running, or anything that puts your belongings at risk of being broken, should be played outside. Either that, or create a space in your home that is safe to do these kinds of activities.

By implementing a few rules around your house, and spending small amounts of money to protect your belongings, you can rest assured that you won’t have to fork out for any new furniture, or try and replace any precious ornaments. Enjoy your newly protected home!

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