Filling The Empty Space: What To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

by - 8/25/2017 08:28:00 AM

It's a big achievement, moving into a new home. And if this is a first for you, you've no doubt gone through the wringer, had lots of sleepless nights and struggles to get to this point. But what happens before the big move? What do you need to have in place, and what you need to do before you start pushing your furniture through the front door?

What You Need To Do It Right Away…
The very first thing you need to do, once you have the keys, is to change the locks, because you have no idea who has had access to your home in the past, and who has passed on keys to people who have made copies of those keys. If it is practical, install deadbolts into your door, but make sure that you have the know-how, if not, make sure you hire a locksmith. In addition to this, the basic tasks like changing your utility bills and packing should be well underway.

Preparing Your New Home…
Before you have moved any single item in there you need to take advantage of the fact that your home is a blank canvas right now so you can prepare it as you want because it will be much harder once you've moved everything in. It's at this point you may wish to consider a home inspection company to undertake a thorough examination of your home in case there are any health and safety issues. There are plenty of home inspection companies you can find depending on your local area and a company like Solex Group professional home inspection act as an independent home inspector, meaning they won't show any bias and will tell you exactly what your home needs to be up to code. Once this is done, it's worth considering painting the walls, sanding down surfaces, installing electrics and wiring, if necessary, but also undertaking a deep clean of the property.

Getting Acquainted With Your New Home...
After taking the measurements and deciding how best to lay the furniture out, you will want to get acquainted with your local neighborhood (and not just for the important things like takeaways). But also you will need to find out if there are any town ordinances that you need to abide by, or if there are any specific issues in your local area that you need to know about. You could always contact your local authority for information such as when the garbage gets picked up or you could very easily knock on the door of a neighbor and get this information yourself while also getting to know your (hopefully) friendly neighbors.

Once these important tasks have been completed, not forgetting the more pressing tasks like installing the smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, replacing the windows and cleaning the gutters. In addition to making these home improvements, you can finally sit back and relax in your new home, in your new neighborhood, and indulge in this massive and worthy achievement.

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