Escaping The Rat Race

by - 8/30/2017 08:55:00 PM

At the end of a working week, the prospect of collapsing on the sofa with a large glass of something cold is a very welcome one. You’ve spent most of your week working long hours and commuting into the office for the same job that you’ve done forever. What if this weekend was the one you got away? Escaping the rat race of the city for the calmer countryside air is something most commuters enjoy doing and they do it so well!

Being stuck at work can be boring and yet the pace of city living is so fast that you often need time to stop, slow down and let life catch up a little. It’s for this reason that people work so hard to buy their own property to live in – the idea of one day retiring and living a slower pace in life is often a workman’s dream! Learning to find an escape in the meantime, is crucial to your sanity. For some, an escape means literally hopping in the car on a Friday afternoon and heading to a holiday home they’ve hired out for the weekend. For others, it’s skipping the weekend escapes and working enough overtime to one day buy your own through a rural property agent. The dream of getting away and enjoying retirement where their air is clearer, the trees are taller and the birds sing is a dream a lot of people share.
So, while you’re waiting to get there and waiting to retire, what could you do to escape in the meantime? How can you maximise your time off to give you some rest in between the madness of work and family?

Take Up A Hobby. You need to be able to find something that you enjoy, taking your head out of the office and into something far more fun. Hobbies vary so much and will really depend on your tastes, but anything from cookery classes to learn how to make a four-course meal to learning how to abseil down the sheerest cliffs will work. The adrenaline rush that you feel when you’re happy can offset the time spent stressing about work in the office.
DIY. If you already own your own home and - one day - hope to buy something a little further out of the city, take some time to make repairs and spruce the house up. The house you will spend money fixing up will one day be worth far more than it is right now, meaning you can go ahead and sell it for far more than you bought it for. This will make the profit you need to buy that sprawling piece of land you’re dreaming about.

Finding your escape is going to take some time to identify, and as long as you keep your eye on the prize of getting out of that rat race for something slower and more comfortable, you will get there. Don’t give up, even when Monday rolls around again.

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