Selling Up Vs. Fixing Up

by - 8/14/2017 08:48:00 PM

There are various home issues that can be resolved simply by selling up and moving to a new property. However, are you sure that’s the right answer for your situation? After all, selling a home comes with various costs, and you might end up waiting around for months to wait to buy your ideal property. So, instead of simply selling up without thinking about it, you should also consider whether it is worth fixing your home up to improve problems.

Finding it hard to weigh up your options? Hopefully, this blog will help you make up your mind.


Not Much Space

  • Selling Up - Lots of people think that the best way to get more space for their family is to move to a larger house. And this is certainly a quick fix to the problem. Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you that there is a wide range of homes on the market right now, and you will certainly find one to meet all your space requirements. However, are you willing to pay agent fees and go through the whole legal process of buying and selling a home just for a few more feet?
  • Fixing Up - If you don’t fancy putting your home on the market, there are some ways you can fix up the property to get more room out of it. For instance, if you haven’t already, you should get your loft space converted into another room. That will provide you with a lot of extra storage space. You’ll also realize that regularly decluttering your home can also help you boost your living space.

Bad Location

  • Selling Up - If you find that your neighborhood and surrounding area starts to go downhill, there is really only one option - you need to sell up and move out. No amount of fixing up will help you improve the location! When you start looking for a new property, you should do your research carefully so that you understand the vibe and crime rates of potential new neighborhoods. Otherwise, you might end up moving into a similar one to the one you are trying to get away from!


Nosey Neighbors

  • Selling Up - If you have trouble with the people living on either side of you, your initial reaction might be to sell up and move away. However, you never know what kind of neighbors you will have in your new home until you move in so you might be left with even worse people! As the saying goes, ‘better the devil you know’! If you can’t be bothered dealing with neighbors, consider moving to a remote area.
  • Fixing Up - Alternatively, you can stay put in your home and simply increase the size of your fences and other boundary markers. That will prevent even the nosiest of neighbors from peeking into your home and trying to see what you get up to!

There is no right or wrong option, but these pointers should help you decide what is best for you.

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