The Color Mistakes You Should Never Make

by - 8/29/2017 08:37:00 PM


When it comes to interior decor, color can be difficult. It is so easy to get it wrong and end up with a home that, Despite your best efforts, looks worse than it did before you decided to add a splash.

If you’re planning to reinvigorate your home with a bit of color, here are some of the most common mistakes you could make, and some advice on how to avoid them:

Not Thinking About Light

Light and color work together. The right light can make a color look much more vibrant, and the wrong kind of light can make it look washed out and dingy. Luckily, this is an important issue to avoid! Before calling in CAMERON DAVIDSON PAINTERS AND DECORATORS, take the time to tape a sample of the color you are thinking of using up on the wall and be sure to take a look at it in all light condition, including artificial light. This will ensure you don’t end up with a color that looks great for part of the day and terrible the rest.

Using Too Many Colors

There is nothing wrong with using lots of different colors to decorate a room, but those colors need to be perfectly in balance if you want to avoid your home looking like a kindergarten. If your colorful room feels very ‘stressful’ to be in, chances are you are using too many different colors. You can restore the balance and make the room better by slowly eliminating colors until you have, perhaps no more than two main colors and a couple of accent colors. You could also try spreading the colors put more, rather than having them all together, so that they don’t feel too busy.

Too Much Matching


Conversely, having too many matching colors in the room can be just as bad, albeit in a different way. If you’re the kind of person who requires everything in your living room to be the two same shades of gray, that room is going to look pretty boring. Again, this is something you can easily remedy by throwing in a few accents. Visit BED BATH AND BEYOND and by cushions, vases, bedding, and candles in complementary colors to your home’s decor and spread them out across space, to infuse it with a bit more personality. Space will really come together then.

Not Being Consistent

Although you want to avoid your home matching too perfectly because it’s extremely boring, you also don’t want to decorate every room in the place so different that they have nothing in common at all. If one room is red, another blue, one green and the rest gray, your home is going to look like an explosion in a paint factory, and it is unlikely to be as calm and restful as you would like.

What you should actually do is use varying shades of the same color or colors that complement each other well to create a home that isn’t too samey, but which also looks like it is one cohesive space.

Color can be tough, but with these tricks, you should be able to use it very effectively in your home.

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