The Perfect Family Trip: Following A Sports Team Around The World!

by - 8/23/2017 05:49:00 PM

For a lot of families, sports are an integral part of family life. Whether your children (and you) play sports or support sports, the chances are that sports play an important role in the dynamic of your family. This is, of course, a good thing - far too many families spend their time sat on the couch, failing to do anything active. However, studies show that families that support sports tend to be more active themselves.

The chances are that if you and your family support sports, whether that’s basketball, cricket, football, or ultimate frisbee, you like to go and watch matches and other sporting events every so often. What sports fan doesn’t enjoy going to watch matches? Kids love watching sports matches and events, which is why planning a family trip to follow your favorite sports team around the world could be the perfect way to spend your vacation time.

Love the concept of taking a little adventure with your family? Then read on for all the best tips and advice for planning the perfect family trip following a sports team around the world.

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Book your tickets in advance

It is all well and good planning a trip around the world following a sports team but what happens when you leave buying the match tickets until later on and then they are all sold out? This would be a total disaster. So, before you do anything else, make sure to get the tickets to every sports event you plan on attending booked. Whether it’s getting tickets for the Ashes, the Football World Cup, or the next Olympics, it pays to book in advance. Before you plan your trip, you want to ensure that you have all the tickets to the matches/sports events booked, so that you know it’s worth traveling.

Rent an RV  

One of the best options in terms of your accommodation is to rent an RV. That way you have a home on wheels for the duration of your trip. You can drive from place to place, presuming it’s all in one country or in countries that are landlocked. You can always rent different RVs in each place. RVs offer transport and accommodation in one; they work out cheaper than staying in a hotel and renting a car, plus they are incredibly practical and ideal if you have young children.

Explore as you travel  

As you travel around the world (or around a country) following your sports team of choice, be sure to do some exploring. In between games, make the most of your spare time and see and do as much in each place as possible. Think of this trip as a once in a lifetime experience and the perfect way to teach your children more about the world and its many cultures. If you want to travel for longer than just the school holidays, consider homeschooling your children while you do so that you can see as much of the world as possible.

There you have it, a guide to planning the perfect family trip following a sports team around the world.

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